One of the most important parts of doing courier work is ensuring you have the correct insurance cover you need. Of course, it can also be one of the least fun parts of the job, involving a lot of industry jargon, overlapping and competing policies and plain boring paperwork.

Luckily, there is an easier way. Business Choice Direct (BCD) has earned a good reputation in the transport industry for keeping things simple and ensuring clients are properly covered for every eventuality. And now they’ve partnered with popular freight exchange network Courier Exchange (CX) to provide even more benefits to their members.

Read on to learn more about both companies and their exciting partnership – and how it could benefit you.

Courier Exchange

With over 38,000 members, CX is the country’s fastest growing platform for buying and selling delivery work. Members get access to a raft of benefits, including the ability to easily view and bid for jobs, and integration with several other useful systems such as maps and accounting (ideal for VAT returns).

Business Choice Direct

Over the past six years, BCD has built up a wide client pool of over 26,000 policyholders from a variety of sectors, from employers to tradespeople to those working in the health and beauty industry.

Committed to keeping things simple, the company believes that workers, businessowners and managers shouldn’t have to be insurance experts as well. To that end, its teams do as much of the work as possible, leaving clients time to focus on doing their own jobs to their optimal ability.

It’s also especially popular among those doing courier work – for reasons we’ll outline below.

Benefits for Drivers

Owner drivers and fleet managers have a lot to keep in mind when thinking about their insurance coverage. Policies need to include insurance for fleets, goods and vehicles, as well as general liability.

For this reason, many people involved in the courier industry make good use of BCD’s assessment service. Clients can have their existing coverage assessed, getting a clear picture of what’s insured and what isn’t. Even better, the company will also analyse whether your policy covers all the areas you need it to – and if you’re paying for any extras you don’t need.

This is of course just one of the services BCD provides – and a great reason for those in the transport industry to consider working with the company.

Partnership with CX

To sweeten the deal even further, members of CX get exclusive BCD products at special discounted rates. If you’re involved in courier work and haven’t yet joined CX, just sign up to the platform, get in touch with BCD and begin enjoying your discounts. As soon as you’re registered with CX, you’ll be eligible to reap the rewards.

CX’s partnership with BCD means those doing courier work have even more reason to join thousands of others, get themselves listed on the popular freight exchange network and start saving on top-quality insurance services.

Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world's largest neutral trading hub for same day courier work in the express freight exchange industry. Numerous transport exchange businesses are networked together on their website, trading jobs and capacity through what is now the fastest growing Freight Exchange in the UK.

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