Heathrow Looks to the Future with ULEZ from 2020

The well publicised news surrounding Heathrow Airport’s ongoing attempts to add an extra runway might not seem to have much bearing on courier work. But with proposals to bring in an ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ) to help offset local air pollution

The Updated Software from Paragon Software Systems

If you’ve spent much time in the courier work industry, you might already be familiar with Paragon Software Systems. For a while now, the company has provided software for fleet and logistics managers in the industry, helping businesses track and all

The Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles for Couriers

Whilst it is true to say that diesel vehicles have very much been the standard choice for those undertaking courier work, they have become significantly less economical in the last few years. Several initiatives have sought to increase the costs atta

A Brief Introduction to the World of Fleet Management

This important role of a Fleet Manager might seem an easy one to understand but there is more to it than first meets the eye. To be in charge of a fleet of vehicles several specific skills are required, and anyone taking on the role will need to have

New to Courier Work? Know What You Can and Can’t Carry

If you’ve just taken the leap and joined the ranks of the UK’s ‘man and van’ courier work brigade, you probably already know that it’s not simply a matter of getting out there, doing a bit of fast talking and hoping for the best. There are quite a fe

Wise Up to the Dangers of Tailgating

Whilst you might think that you are completely innocent of tailgating and believe that you always try to keep as safe a distance as possible between your vehicle and the one in front of you, the truth is that almost a quarter of incidents out on the

Supporting the Future with Slower Speeds on the Square Mile

In a bid to support the changing living and commuting habits of today’s Londoners, the City Corporation are pushing a new 15mph speed limit around the Square Mile.

For those in courier work, this could not only mean a safer working environment, but

Capitalising on the Weakest Link in the Supply Chain

It is crazy to think that businesses in the UK are losing up to £180 billion a year due to something referred to as ‘machine downtime’. This is what has been shown in a recent survey carried out by OneServe. There is no denying the huge reliance plac

Courier Work in Film: Our Top 5 Movies

All the greatest professions have films made about them: doctors, lawyers, firefighters… and, of course, couriers! From fast-paced documentaries to award-winning fictional hits, there’s a whole catalogue of movies that display courier work on the big

How to Make Your Courier Business More Appealing to Customers

If you run a business offering courier work, in order to be successful and remain relevant in the ever-changing delivery landscape, you need to give customers what they’re looking for. If you want to stay ahead of the game you also need to be able to