The Updated Software from Paragon Software Systems

If you’ve spent much time in the courier work industry, you might already be familiar with Paragon Software Systems. For a while now, the company has provided software for fleet and logistics managers in the industry, helping businesses track and allocate their resources. Read on to learn about some of the exciting new bells and whistles added to the most recent update to their system – version 6.10.

Key Features

The major improvements of the new version relate to managers’ ability to identify and fill client needs, with added capacities to manage newer vehicles and a nifty new way of presenting and organising data.


New tools now allow you to keep all the finer, important details of your business in one easy to access place. Fully customisable dashboards and charts come as standard, and maps can be filtered to the user’s preference. What’s more, all this updates automatically when combined with route control and the master data editor.

Resource Management

Paragon’s new update also allows you to view individual availability across your entire fleet. This has huge potential to allow you to maximise the efficiency of your firm’s capacity to do courier work. Where you might otherwise have to navigate a variety of menus – or even contact your drivers individually – you can now see clearly who is available and when.

Even more remarkable than this is the updated required skills feature, which automatically allocates drivers with certain sets of skills and capabilities. A job can simply list a skills requirement, and the system will search for a driver to match it. Automating this function means couriers can be matched to work much more efficiently.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Environmental, regulatory and financial pressures are making it all the more important for businesses across the travel sector to adapt to changing times and embrace new technologies.

But while they’re useful and practical in a lot of ways, many electric and hybrid vehicles struggle to move longer distances. By noting these limits and allocating work accordingly, Paragon’s latest system ensures a future for mixed fleets. Good news for those already going green.

Other Advantages

In case all this isn’t enough, version 6.10 offers a lot to make work easier and more efficient for managers as well. Eight tracking interfaces allow for real-time views of actual performance, as compared to scheduled. Telematics providers, including Verilocation, Inkomerc, Coretex and more, have recently partnered with Paragon, making it simpler than ever to reliably track every aspect of your courier work.

The master data editor has been completely redesigned, and improvements to data mining allow firms to better analyse their performance. Finally, a sleek interface works faster and looks much better doing it.

Paragon’s version 6.10 is the perfect tool for a fast changing industry, illustrating how constant improvements in technology make managing courier work simpler and better than ever before.

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Author: Desiree Michels