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Ice hockey is an entertaining sport to watch. With aggressive players that impress fans by their agility on the ice and fierce competitiveness, the sport has become a phenomenon to watch both live and on T.V. Because of this love for the intense sport of ice hockey, the National Hockey League (NHL) has become a popular pastime for sports enthusiasts around the globe.

The NHL, a non-profit organization, is broadly considered to be the leading professional ice hockey league in the world. Therefore, many fans proudly show support of their favorite team by wearing NHL gear. NHL fans are considered the wealthiest of the four major professional sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL) in North America. There are 30 franchise teams (23 in the U.S. and 7 in Canada) in the NHL. A prized possession for any of these teams is the coveted Stanley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. The Stanley Cup is awarded yearly at the end of each season to the league playoff champion.

In the middle of the season, the NHL hosts an All Star game. This is an exhibition game that places many of the leagues star players into opposing teams. Because the NHL is not for profit, the proceeds from the NHL All star game go toward the players pension fund. Recently, the games drafting method has changed from a conference vs. conference to a player draft. This means that the all star players themselves decide the roster for each team.

Since its inception in the 1947-48 season, the NHL All Star exhibition has become a fan favorite. Fans hope to see their favorite player get drafted for the game and in return receive some impressive bragging rights. The NHL All star game is one of the highlights of the season and a must see for any loyal NHL fan. The excitement of seeing the leagues best players battle it out on the ice is invigorating and entertaining.

The 60th NHL All star game is tentatively scheduled for 2015. The game was originally scheduled for January 27, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio but was cancelled due to the 2012 NHL lockout. There is no game scheduled for 2014 due to it being an Olympics year and the high possibility of NHL players being active in the Winter Games.

The All star game generates a lot of support from loyal fans. A direct outcome of this support is shown in the amount of sales of official NHL All star gear. Fans can purchase All star Premier Jerseys. These NHL All star jerseys can remain generic or be customized. Other types of NHL All star gear available are t shirts, All star player jerseys and knit hats. These items and other official NHL gear can be purchased online at the NHLs official website.

Hundreds and thousands of NHL fans continue to show support for their favorite teams in purchasing official NHL gear. It is a way for them to express their pride and appreciation for one of the most loved sports around the world.

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