Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 is probably the greatest smartphones for sale in the marketplace. This apparatus has got a remarkable design and is designed with some superb features. Recently, Samsung made the official announcement in regards to the release of sm

The Samsung Galaxy Gio And The Ace – Your Complete Smartphones

Samsung’s Galaxy series has been synonymous to quality. This is plainly evident in previous handsets such as the S and the Giorgio Armani. Now, you will find two more handsets offering to give you a quality mobile experience. These handsets would be

A Comparison of the Specifications of the Note II and the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a mammoth phone with a huge 5.5-inch display. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S series increased its size for 4.8 inches to 5 inches. The S4 is a cracking phone and perhaps the best on the market at the

Moving Your Mobile Phone Number and a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia Lumia 520.

When considering switching mobile phone network providers or upgrading a contract with your current provider you will have to review how to maintain your current mobile phone number. Unless you are looking to change your number to get rid of unwanted

Choosing a New Phone – Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs. Huawei Ascend Mate

If you want a new mobile phone then you might be a little overwhelmed at the array of devices on the shelves. There are tons of different mobile phones to choose from, and getting the right one can be tough. You’re looking at spending a few hundred p