Mistakes That You Can Avoid With A Houston Estate Planning Attorney

The possessions you have right now are fruits of your labor. You have worked hard to own these things, whether it be a house, cars, personal belongings or other assets. Eventually, you will pass this on after your death. But to whom you would pass this on depends on the legal measures you’ve taken. With the help of a Houston estate planning attorney, you can ensure that your estate goes to your intended beneficiaries and in accordance with your directives.

Never make the same mistake as those, who by their inaction or choice, died intestate. With careful planning, you can preserve your heirs’ right over the properties of your estate. Here are common misconceptions regarding estate planning and testate succession.

Most people have this misconception that estate planning is only for the rich. On the contrary, estate planning is merely about setting up the disposal of the estate upon the death. Based on this definition, anybody can plan for the disposal of their estate, which would take effect upon death.

No matter your personal financial status, you have assets that will need to be distributed after the inevitable. No matter what amount of money, size the property or type of personal belongings, you will want all those to go to the right person in the event of your death or incapacity. Therefore, any person, no matter their financial status, would benefit from sitting down with a Houston estate planning attorney and making plans for their estates.

All I need to do is just draft a will. Executing a will requires legal knowledge. Thus, you need to seek the help of a Houston estate planning attorney who can assist you in these legal processes. Discuss your plans and options on how you intend to distribute the properties of your estate upon death.

I can formulate an estate plan all by myself. This is another mistake of many individuals. There are specific laws that govern probate and succession. For someone who isn’t trained or knowledgeable in these fields, it would be unwise to create an estate plan without the assistance of a legal professional. Consult an experienced and trusted Houston estate planning attorney who can help you handle these legal matters.

Think about your loved ones. Avoid the mistake of not taking these legal steps to ensure that their rights over your estate are preserved. Speak with a Houston estate planning attorney on how you can dispose your possessions in favor of the people you love.

Matters relating to estate planning can be a very complicated process. Let a Houston probate attorney handle these matters. Discuss your concerns with the Houston estate planning attorneys at Jones Morris Klevenhagen LLP today.

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