Houston Jones Act Attorney: Exactly What To Seek In Your Search For Legal Representation

If you get injured while working aboard a sea/ocean vessel, you can get compensated via the Jones Act. This is a federal law that is different from all other workers compensation systems in existence and is best understood by a qualified Houston Jones act attorney. This is because it makes it much harder to get compensated when you get injured while working. It is for this reason that you will need the services of a Houston Jones act attorney. While you must be working on board a sea vessel in order to get compensated, this does not automatically qualify you for compensation. Hence, you need the services of an attorney to determine your eligibility. Choosing the right attorney for the job can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, you can use the tips below to help you along.

Seek personal referrals from those you know. Make sure they have used the services of a Houston Jones act attorney before. While this may be a somewhat full proof way of getting a great attorney since your friends will more often than not give you their honest opinion, it is best to meet up with the said attorney and interview them. This is because people’s experiences vary. Whatever they may have liked with the lawyer may not resonate with you.

When doing research for a qualified Houston Jones act attorney you can also benefit from doing Internet searches. Be sure to include “Houston” in your search phrasing to get the benefit of finding lawyers in your area. Avoid anyone who asks for credit card information or to transact business entirely online as these could be scams. When your list of prospects is finished, schedule consultations to get a feel for which attorney you connect with best.

Alternatively, you could use lawyer referral services. These services are usually available in most communities. They serve those with specific or special interests e.g. the disabled, elderly, immigrants etc. If you fall into the specific group, you can use these services at discounted rates.

Finally, you have your list of options. The search is narrowed down to just a few candidates and you are conducting interviews of your prospects. Look for someone you feel comfortable with and has personal chemistry with you. Having a good rapport with your Houston Jones act attorney will go a long way in helping win your maritime claim.

Assess the communication skills of the Houston Jones act attorney. They should respond to all your communication within a reasonable amount of time. An attorney that takes too long to get back to you will be more of a liability than an asset. A breakdown in communication could mean you losing the case.

Ensure that your Houston Jones Act attorney has the requisite experience plus a great track record before taking up their services. Having prior experience with a case like yours for which they won would be a huge boon to their credentials.

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