Sydney rubbish removal in a throwaway society

In a throwaway society, where consumers are tempted into replacing cheap furnishings and electronics every few years, all growing cities are facing the same dilema. Sydney is no exception

Random rubbish landfills are no longer acceptable in the City of Sydney as most household waste goes through some sorting process so that materials are not wasted and are re-used where possible. It is quite amazing what can be done with what is considered household waste.

Waste disposal facilities have been set up across the city, At the citys special waste disposal facilities, recyclables are being separated and sent away for reprocessing. Most of the recyclables consist of various types of plastics, paper products, electronic, green waste and a variety of metals. The hazardous materials and chemicals are also removed so as not to cause contamination through seepage into water sources.

This is all good and well, but the issue most households face when disposing of waste is how to move the rubbish, some types of waste are not possible to handle easily like age old furniture, broken pieces of glass, building materials and so on. For some people time is the issue, for others it is access to a vehicle that can be used to move the items.

A good robust vehicle with an open deck Is required to move most rubbish and there are rubbish removal company’s springing up all over the city. It is important to look for a reputable company that will guarantee to dispose of waste adhering to guidelines rather than just dumping it at a tip or worse still dumping it illegally.

When booking your next Sydney rubbish removal, be sure to ask what how the waste will be disposed of, even ask for receipt of disposal. It is all of our responsibilities to ensure we build a sustainable future as consumerism continues it’s inevitable rise.

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