MiFi Dongles and Connecting Your Gaming Console to the Internet

Despite the introduction of a plethora of types of gaming consoles, the main names are still our favourites. Regardless of which gaming console you choose to purchase, or already have, you will need to connect to the internet. This connection is necessary because of the different facilities available within the gaming industry. Furthermore, it is important you consider connecting your devices to a mobile broadband connection, in addition to the home broadband line. This is because some consoles are portable and are used whilst mobile.

Why does a gamer need to connect to the internet?
Traditionalists will wonder what the internet has to do with gaming. Older games do not require connections, however many newer games require multi-player connections to operate and this requires the internet. The multi-player connections can be accessed via broadband, allowing you to connect with users from different countries. This colossal online world gives gamers the opportunity to interact with others and work towards certain targets within the game: targets which are not available to single players.

How does a MiFi Dongle help gamers?
In the past few years portable game consoles has become very popular: these include the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. These devices are not only handy mobile gaming consoles, but are also items which connect to the internet for gaming uses. This means they allow an individual to play multi-player games whilst away from their home. These devices do not offer USB ports which makes it impossible to utilise a traditional mobile broadband dongle, thus it is necessary to use a wireless option. The MiFi dongle offers a solution by being a mobile broadband option via a wireless connection.

Of course, you will need to be cautious when using this type of dongle. MiFi dongles have data allowance restrictions or caps and, if you exceed this cap, you will be subject to a large payment for the excess data usage. Gaming involves a great deal of data usage, so you need to monitor your data allowance level closely.

The Xbox 360 and the internet
Possibly the most popular gaming console is the Xbox 360. This console has the ability to connect to the internet via two different methods. The first is wireless and the second is via a cable. To determine which is the best and most appropriate for you, you should conduct a trial of both.

1. The wireless method.
The first step is to make sure your console has the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly. Some of the older consoles do not have this feature and will need a wireless adapter, but the new models will have a built-in wireless connection. Next, you will need to turn the console on and go to the settings section of the dashboard. Once in the systems settings, click on the network setting section and scroll along the connections until you locate your connection. You will be required to enter a password for the connection. After logging in the Xbox 360, conduct a network test to determine if a connection can be made. Once the test is complete, your console should be connected to your wireless broadband signal.

2. The wired/cable method.
This method of connection requires the Xbox gaming console and an Ethernet cable. Begin by turning the console on and enter the settings and system area. Once you reach the network settings section, you should plug the Ethernet cable into one of the Xbox ports. After completing this, select the configure network option and a network should be automatically detected. This automatic detection will indicate the internet connection. The Xbox 360 will run a network configuration test, after which you should be able to use the internet within your gaming console.

The PS 3 and the internet
The Playstation 3 is very similar to the Xbox 360, as it also features two methods of connecting to a broadband connection : wireless and wired/cable.

1. The wireless method.
Begin by turning the gaming console on and moving to the settings section from the main screen. You should check the internet connection is enabled before continuing. Continue by selecting the internet connection settings menu and click on the custom selection section. Once in this area choose the wireless and scan option: your wireless connection should be among the connections listed. Simply select your personal wireless connection, enter your password when prompted and test the connection. At this point, you should be connected to your wireless broadband connection.

2. The wired method.
This method requires an Ethernet cable to operate. Once you have turned your PS3 on, move from the main screen to the internet connection settings. Continue by selecting the custom option and then the wired connection option. At this point, you are required to connect the Ethernet cable to the console and then select auto-detect. The gaming console should test the connection and you should then be connected to your home broadband and internet.

The Sony PSP and the internet
Currently the mobile hand-held gaming console is incredibly popular, with the Sony PSP being the most preferred brand. This device is able to connect to the internet via a mobile wireless connection ,allowing you to play your games while on the move. It is able to connect via your home broadband and a MiFi dongle.

In order to set up the wireless connections, there are some steps you have to follow. Firstly, you are required to turn the PSP on and head to the network settings section. Once in that section, you will have to enter the infrastructure mode and select “new connection”. If you are in the range of a MiFi dongle or wireless router, your PSP should begin a scan of the network connections. This scan will result in the presenting of a list of networks from which you must choose your connection: a connection which will need to be confirmed using a password. Once you have verified your connection, you will be asked to enable the address settings. It is recommended you select the easy option.

At this point, you will need to enter a name for your connection. This will be set to the default option for you. Once this connection has been saved, you will need to conduct a network test. Upon completion of a satisfactory network test , your PSP will be connected to the broadband.

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