I Dont Get the iPad Names: What is Apple Doing?

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When you look at buying an iPad you may become a bit confused with all the names that you see. The average consumer is looking at the iPad to the iPad 4. However, when you go to the Apple Store or to the online Apple Store then you will be seeing very different names. You have to wonder what Apple is up to and why they are not naming their iPads in any logical manner. No matter which iPad you choose, if its a 3G one you will need the right iPad SIM card to get online; these SIM cards are smaller than standard phone cards.

The Logical Naming
When you look at any range of the same item you are expecting to see an increase in the number. We have seen this with movies like Spiderman 1 and 2. We have even seen this with other Apple products like the iPhone where you have the iPhone 4 and then the iPhone 5. This is the logical progression of names. However, this is something that Apple seems to use when they feel like it.
We can all understand when the name of the iPad changed with the coming of the iPad Mini. This iPad model was different to the others based on the size. However, you have to wonder why the regular iPad does not make the logical transition from 1 to 2 to 3 and then 4. It makes you wonder what is Apple trying to do and whether they succeeding?

The Generation System
When you look at the iPod you will see that a generation system has been used. You would get the iPod first generation which was the original. This naturally progressed to the iPod second generation which was the next model. This was all logical and easy for the consumer to follow.

The problem comes when you look at the generation system in terms of the iPad. When the next iPad model is launched it is give the generation designation of second generation or fourth generation. When we see this we are going to think that this means iPad 2 and iPad 4. This is the logical idea, but it seems that Apple has a very different idea of what the iPad should be called.

The iPad Names So Far
When you look at the iPad section of the Apple Store you will be able to see where peoples confusion comes from. There was a nice and easy transition from the iPad to the iPad 2. However, it was the iPad 3 that started to mess up the names. All the consumers were calling this model the iPad 3, but Apple was calling this the ‘new iPad.

While most consumers were fine with this because it was technically the new iPad things became fuzzy when the next model came out. When the iPad 4, as consumers like to call it, came out it was originally introduced as the fourth generation iPad. This would cause you to assume that the fourth generation iPad was officially the iPad 4. If you thought this then you would be very wrong.

When you compare the models on the Apple Store you will not be presented with the iPad 4 or even the fourth generation iPad. You are going to be getting the iPad with retina display. This is where everything starts to get even more confusing than it already is.

The iPad with Retina Display
Most people would agree that things started to go wrong with the iPad naming when they hit the iPad 3 or the new iPad. The problem actually came with the iPad with retina display. This is the name that many people now assume relates to the iPad 4. The problem is that the iPad 3 also has retina display. To further complicate the situation when you compare the iPad models on the Apple store you are only presented with three.

These three models are the iPad Mini, the iPad 2 and the iPad with retina display. The original iPad has been discontinued, but you have to wonder what happened to the iPad 3. If the iPad 2 is still on the site then it stands to reason that the iPad 3 should be as well.

It seems as if the iPad 3 which also had the retina display have vanished. When you go through on the Apple store you are not given any easy to find insight into where the iPad 3 is. When you look into the technical specifications of the iPad with retina display you will be told two model numbers. You can only assume that one of these models is going to be the iPad 3.

Where is the iPad 3?
When you look for the iPad 3 you are going to have a lot of issues. The truth is that the iPad 3 has become the iPad 4. This could be why there is such major confusion with the naming of the iPads.

If you consider the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 then you will see how the iPad 3 became the iPad 4. The iPad 3 was a major step up from the iPad 2. However, the iPad 4 is basically the same as the iPad 3 with only a few small incremental differences. The iPad 4 offers the same screen and dimensions as the iPad 3. However, the major difference is the processor. The iPad 4 offers a much better processor and is able to handle all the applications and functions that people are expecting from the tablet.

What You Are Getting
If you are looking at buying an iPad from the online Apple Store then you need to know what you are getting. The three models that you can get are the iPad Mini, the iPad 2 and the iPad 4. The iPad 4 will be called the iPad with retina display which so if you buy this then you should know that you are going to be getting the iPad 4.

One has to wonder whether this naming system is a deliberate attempt by Apple to confuse customers. There is no other logic to it and Apple is not going to do anything without well-researched reasoning.

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