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EE is the first mobile service provider to offer 4G broadband connections in the UK. EE broadband offers a range of services to those in the market for broadband connections. Before you make a decision regarding a particular service provider, it is important that you find out as much as you can about the company and its services. You need to view the offers they have and see if these offers suit your needs, as well as look at what their future plans are to see if it is in line with your plans for the future.

Who Are They?
EE is not a name that is easily recognised in the broadband market, unlike Virgin, Sky, O2 and 3-Mobile. EE is a new broadband provider which is catching up fast to the main providers; T-Mobile and Orange both form part of this new venture. Not only has EE managed to successfully break into the mobile broadband market, but the company also intends entering the home broadband sector.

If you are an Orange or T-Mobile broadband customer, you will already have access to EEs range of services. If you opt for additional services from EE, you will be able to obtain reduced rates for these services. The reduced rates that are offered by EE have prompted many customers to change their broadband service provider as costs are extremely important to most people, particularly in the current economic climate. EE initially offered ADSL home broadband, but they have now moved into fibre optics as well.

Available Services
EE broadband services cover two main categories.
Mobile broadband: Currently, the mobile broadband service available from EE is limited to 4G broadband connections. EE is the first service provider to offer 4G to the UK market. This particular version of mobile broadband is expected to reach speeds on par with fixed line connections. The one problem is that the service is still in its infancy and is not readily available to most of the UK.

Home broadband: EE offers both fibre optic and ADSL broadband connections. Most of these are available as an EE broadband bundled package to include the telephone service.

Mobile Broadband
The mobile broadband service that is offered by this service provider is connected via the 4G network. This is a new network connection. It is not available to the entire UK population, which means you will have to check with EE to see if the service is available in the areas where you would like to use it.

4G broadband connections are faster than 3G connections and, to access the network, you will require a different dongle to the one used for 3G. You will have the option of two types of dongles a mobile dongle or a Mi-Fi dongle.

Mobile Broadband Deals
EE broadband offers distinct deals for their 4G system. You will have to investigate the different aspects of all mobile broadband offers and see if the EE broadband offering you have chosen is the best one for you.

Contract type: The EE contract is a fixed-term one. You will not be able to obtain an EE mobile contract on a pay-as-you-go basis. The length of the contract varies from one month to 24 months.
Cost: Since most of the deals offered by EE are limited to 24 months, the main point to consider is the data allowance limit that is offered. The higher the allowance limit, the more it will cost.
Connection speed: All the EE mobile broadband deals are offered on the 4G network, which offers a connection speed of around 40Mbps. The actual speed will be dependent upon the connection strength when you log in.
Data allowance: You will have a data allowance limit choice from 1GB up to 8GB per month. Be sure to check overage rates, as this will be added to your bill if you exceed the monthly limit. Its a good idea to assess your current usage so you know exactly how much you need every month.
Incentives: Most service providers offer incentives and special offers to get you to sign up for their deals. With this company, the incentives generally include free BT Wi-Fi minutes or cinema tickets.

Home Broadband
EE broadband offerings include fibre optic and ADSL. Please be aware that T-Mobile and Orange customers are offered special rates with EE. The prices that are listed on their website often indicate these special offers, which are misleading as it will not apply to you if you are a new customer. Make sure that you check the fine print before you sign any contract.
The majority of the home broadband deals with this provider are bundled with the telephone service.

ADSL EE Broadband
The provider offers three packages related to ADSL broadband:

Cost: The cost of the bundle deals vary, depending on what it includes.
Connection speed: The connection speed is normally the same for all ADSL deals.
Data allowance limit: The data allowance limits appear to be unlimited on all ADSL deals.
Telephone service: When you opt for the EE telephone service as well, the prices vary depending on the special features of the calls package. Some of the deals include off-peak calls and others include anytime calls. Your choice is dependent upon how much time you actually spend making telephone calls.
Special deals: You will be offered free months that vary from three to six months depending on the type of deal you opt for.
Fibre Optic EE Broadband
EE offers three packages where fibre optic broadband is concerned:
Cost: The cost of the package varies according to the connection speed that you choose.
Connection speed: The connection speeds with fibre optic broadband are generally much higher than with ADSL connections and this is taken into account – with the price increasing with an increase in speed.
Data allowance limit: The monthly data allowance limit varies depending on the specific deal. The cheapest deal is the only one that has a data allowance cap.
Telephone service: All the fibre optic deals include free off-peak telephone calls to other landlines.
Special deals: You may be offered free installation as well as free months with this type of broadband deal.

When you are looking to change your service provider or you need to find a new provider, you should always do your own research to see if you are being offered the most suitable package for your needs and requirements.

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