Logical Steps to Make Sure You Get the Best Broadband Deals

Many people find that searching the market for the best broadband deals is a complicated endeavour. The reasons for this are the number of service providers out there, the number of packages being offered and how they are all selling themselves. With all of the options available you might wonder how exactly you are meant to choose.There are a few things you should consider in order to get the best broadband deals, which offer exactly what you need.

What should you consider?

There are many things you should consider, but there are two that you should look at first.

How much you are willing to actually spend on your broadband.

The price of broadband varies a great deal from very cheap to very expensive.The cheapest deals are generally the most basic of deals.They will have the lowest speeds and the lowest data allowance, which is not right for everyone.Of course the most expensive should have the highest speeds and data allowance but not everyone needs that either.

What your overall package should include.

Do you want to only have broadband or would you like to include TV and your home phone in the deal?Overall, getting a bundle of several services will be cheaper than having each of them separately.One problem you might run into is getting what you need for one part but not the others.You may cover your broadband needs but have to compromise on the TV package. While a small compromise might be worth it in the long run you, should not have to give up too much. Bundles are not always very flexible.

What type of broadband do the best broadband deals use?
There are a few kinds of broadband available and you should know what you are getting.The reason for this is that each kind will have its own advantages and disadvantages.The three most commonly used types of home broadband are ADSL, LLU and fibre optic (or cable).


The standard offering for the broadband industry is ADSL. This kind of broadband will be delivered into your home using the telephone copper wire network. This is the most common broadband because of the wide availability of the network infrastructure around the UK.

The main advantage of ADSL is the accessibility of the connection and network. Just about every house in the UK will have the capability of getting a phone line, and through this phone line they can get ADSL.The maximum speed for ADSL lines is around 17mb per second, but there are certain areas where the speed will be much less.It is important that you find out the speed you can get in your area before you sign a contract.


LLU, or local loop unbundled, is another type of broadband used, and comprises some of the best broadband deals. LLU is actually another type of ADSL broadband.With this broadband the service provider has installed equipment into the local exchange. If you local exchange has this equipment then the prices of the best broadband deals for that provider will generally be lower. The LLU exchanges are commonly referred to as the network of the provider.If you are outside this network you generally have to pay high prices as you are placed on the normal ADSL service. The speed provided by LLU broadband is much faster than average ADSL.


The last kind of broadband is fibre optic or cable broadband.As the name suggests, this connection is delivered to your home via fibre optic cables.Virgin Media is known as the leader in fibre optic broadband and can reach around half the homes in the UK.This makes it less common than ADSL simply because the network infrastructure is not as widely laid.Openreach also has a fibre optic network, which reaches around 60% of the homes in the UK.The speeds offered by this broadband connection are much higher than ADSL and can reach 100mb per second, or even faster.

What speed you are able to get

When looking at the best broadband deals you need to know what speed you can get.What is the point of getting a package allowing you 16mb per second if you can only get 9mb per second?A study has shown that the average speed for homes in the UK is now into the double digits. Of course, this will vary depending on where you live. You can find out the speed you can get before you sign up as many providers run line speed tests before you take a contract.

The advertising of broadband speeds has changed recently as they used to show just the fastest speed anyone can get.Now providers will advertise the maximum speed that at least 10% of their customers will be able to get. However, this means that out of every 10 customers only 1 will be able to get the advertised speed, on average.

The speed you should look for in the best broadband deals depends on what you do online.If you are only surfing the web and checking your email then you do not need very high speeds. However, if you are going to be streaming videos then you will need higher speeds for better quality. If you are going to have more than one device on your network you should also go for faster speeds.

What sort of data limit should you get?

The best broadband deals will offer you the amount of data that you actually need.The majority of broadband packages have a limit on them, which you need to be aware of.Capped broadband usually costs less then unlimited broadband but can limit your online activities.

If you are capped at 1GB per month you will be unable to do more than surf for a couple of hours a day, receive 100 emails a week and download a maximum of 30 sings each week.You will not be able to watch videos, or download movies or programs.The downloading of a single movie takes on average around 700mb to 1GB.

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