PAYG and Contract iPad Mini Deals for Teens

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Broadband and your Teen
Have you opened your broadband bill recently and wondered where all of the charges came from? Does your teen spend all their time ploughing through their data on their iPad Mini? Are you looking for ways to decrease your monthly broadband expense? If so, then this article is for you. In this article you will read about some of the best iPad Mini deals broadband has to offer.

iPad Mini Deals with 18 Month Contracts
All of Orange’s iPad Mini deals of course use a SIM card, but they are also supported by the UK’s most supported network; EE Mobile. With Orange you purchase your iPad Mini separately, and pay a small monthly fee for data usage. A plan with 250MB of data costs £5. Purchasing four times that (1GB) is £10 per month. These plans require you to sign an eighteen month contract.
O2 Mobile allows you to roll over up to 12GB of your leftover data for future use. They also require you to sign an eighteen month contract, which has two data option sizes. You will use a SIM for their plans in your pre-purchased iPad Mini. Each option averages out to £5 per GB with a 5GB option for £25 per month being their largest and a 3GB option for £15 per month being their smallest.

iPad Mini Deals with 24 Month Contracts
Vodafone requires you to sign a twenty four month contract in order to participate in four of their iPad Mini deals. Each iPad Mini deal has an iPad Mini with a 16GB hard drive and comes with an upfront cost which equates to part of the total cost of the iPad Mini. Higher upfront costs correlate with lower monthly payments. You get a 3G plan with 1GB of data for £22 per month when you pay the highest upfront cost of £199. The middle two options have an upfront cost of £99. You can get a 2GB monthly data allowance on a 3G network for £26 per month of double that, 4GB, on a 4G network for £31 per month. Vodafone’s second 4G option cost is £36 a month and has an upfront cost of £29. While the monthly cost is the highest, it also comes with the highest monthly data allowance at 10GB per month.

EE Mobile is another company who also has iPad Mini deals which allow you to pay less of the total cost upfront and instead distribute the cost over your monthly payments in a twenty four month contract. The upfront costs with EE Mobile are either £29 or £49 upfront. If you want 5GB per month the upfront payment will be £29 with a monthly payment of £31. This same upfront payment also has a £36 per month option which comes with 8GB of data. For a 3GB monthly data allowance you will pay £49 upfront and a monthly bill of £26.

Three Mobile has two options which are included in their iPad Mini deals with a twenty four month contract. The first option comes with an upfront cost of £79 and a monthly cost of £29. For this cost you will have a monthly data allowance of 15GB. You can lower your monthly payment and get the same monthly data allowance by paying a higher upfront cost. This deal would cost you less in the long run because of the mandatory twenty four month contract that comes with each, but does cost more on the day of purchase. To decrease your monthly bill to £25 per month you would need to pay £129 upfront. That is an initial increase of £50, but a saving of £96 over the duration of the contract.

iPad Mini Pay-as-you-go Contracts
With Orange you get access to EE’s excellent nationwide network, but with an option which allows you to pay for only what you use. One of Orange’s iPad Mini Deals allows you to pay £5.10 per 1MB and places a £40 cap on your expense per month. If you and your teen have access to Wi-Fi more often than not, and use very little data per month, this might be a viable option which allows you to have access to the Internet on the go, without having to pay for data during the months which you do not use it.

An option called “One off Top-Up” from O2 Mobile allows you to pay for your data in a lump sum. With this plan you pay £30 and get 5GB of data which is good for ninety days after the data of purchase. If you do not use the data after ninety days then you lose it, but you do not have to buy data every month if you use your data sparingly.

iPad Mini Monthly Contracts
Three Mobile has two thirty day contract options. With these shortened contracts you pay the full cost of the iPad Mini upfront, which comes to £419. By paying the full cost of your device upfront you have a cheaper monthly payment. For £15 per month you have 10GB of data to use on a 16GB device. A 1GB monthly data allowance will cost £7.50 per month.

The most network coverage nationwide comes through EE Mobile with 60% coverage. EE Mobile has three options for thirty day contracts. Like with Three Mobile, you to pay the full price of the iPad Mini (£349 with EE Mobile) upfront which allows you to opt for a shortened contract. With EE you can get 3GB of data for £16, 5GB of data for £21, or 8GB of data for £26.

The only type of contract available for iPad Minis with T-Mobile is the thirty day contract. The addition of a Nano-SIM card is required in order to use your iPad Mini with their network and you have to purchase it separately in order to use their plans. A data plan with a 5GB monthly allowance will cost £15 and for £7.50 you can get a 1GB monthly data allowance.

Which iPad Mini Deal is best for your teen?
When choosing the iPad Mini deal which will best suit your family you should consider a few things.

First, which companies have mobile coverage in your area?
Second, how much as you able to pay per month?
And finally, you need to consider how much data your teen is likely to use in a month?

There are websites which have approximations of how many e-mails, videos, website visits, etc. can be used per 1GB. This information will help in your decision. T-Mobile estimates that 1GB of data will allow you to read one million basic e-mails, download twenty four high quality or one hundred low quality tunes, visit ten thousand basic websites, or watch one hundred and twenty 4.5 minute long YouTube videos. Make sure you get all the facts before choosing your broadband provider.

Phil Turner was looking for the most suitable iPad Mini deals for his teenage daughter. He decided a SIM only plan was the best option as there would be a cap on the use and expenditure every month.

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