Find The Best Womens Cashmere Sweaters For Less

Womens cashmere sweaters are a classic wardrobe staple and can be a luxurious addition to an everyday outfit. Made from the wool of cashmere goats, the fabric is soft to the touch, light and appropriate for year round wear. The density of the wool gives it good insulation properties, but without the heaviness of lambs wool. Womens cashmere sweaters are easy to dye, resulting in a whole rainbow of colors for shoppers to choose from. These sweaters are made in pullovers and cardigans, as well as sweater sets, which are thin open front sweaters worn with a tank top made in the same fabric. Classically worn with a strand of pearls, they can create a smashing fashion statement when worn with jeans and cowboy boots or underneath a tough looking leather jacket.

They can be expensive but, with a little bit of research, womens cashmere sweaters can be found at great prices. Using the internet to compare prices can be very helpful when determining the best price. Most womens cashmere sweaters can be purchased at discount in January or February, when stores are attempting to clear out winter stock to make room for spring merchandise. Long sleeved sweaters are an especially good deal, since these are most often worn during the winter months. For short sleeved sweaters, look for the best deals in between the seasons, as colors change to reflect the current trends. Online retailers can provide deeper discounts than most concrete retailers and often have a greater selection of sizes, styles and colors to choose from. As with all online shopping, one must consider shipping and the cost of returns when making a purchase. In addition to sweaters, cashmere is also made into gloves, scarfs, hats and undergarments. When purchasing womens cashmere sweaters as a gift, the giver may wish to include a few matching pieces to create an ensemble for the recipient.

When purchasing womens cashmere sweaters, quality is just as important as price. Look for pills and pulling in the material before you purchase and check the label to see whether it is two-ply, three-ply or greater. The term ply refers to how many layers of cashmere were used to create the sweater, and a good quality womens cashmere sweater will have two- ply or greater. Cheaper ones, often sold at discount stores, are often one-ply. While the price may be good, the fabric will wear out sooner, causing pilling and holes to appear under the arms or in places where there is a lot of friction. You will also want to check the percentage of cashmere listed on the tag. The highest quality will be 100% cashmere, while lower priced versions could have as little as 15% cashmere mixed into acrylic. In addition to being of lesser quality, the blends can often be itchy or unpleasant to the touch. What may seem to be a good deal on a womens cashmere sweaters can actually cost more in the long run, especially if the sweater has to be replaced.

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