Although its true that dressing dogs up like cute little accessories as opposed to pets is more and more popular these days, it doesnt mean that some of the doggy fashions out there cant also have a particular function to them.

Doggy Booties
Yes, there is nothing like seeing a dog trying to wear high heeled shoes while falling down every few inches. These dogs are dressed up by their owners to resemble them, but there are some dog shoes out there that are for more than just good old doggy fashion. Some dogs live where there is little grass and a lot of rocks. In areas such as Arizona and even Texas, dogs tend to walk on rocks more than they walk on grass. This can cause dogs to get cuts on their paws. There are doggy shoes that have flat bottoms with more traction, but are light weight for the dog to be able to walk and run without noticing that they are even on their feet most of the time.

Doggy Raincoat
When dogs get wet after going outside in the rain for a potty break, they can actually get cold enough for hypothermia because their fur traps the cold rain water in. A doggy raincoat can do more than make a doggy fashion statement. They can help protect most of the dogs fur when they have to go outside in the rain. Some doggy raincoats are even thick enough to protect the dog from the cold, while allowing the rain water to drip off the coat instead of being soaked inside.

Doggy Rain Hat
Dogs dont like to get wet, and they will often fight going out to potty on days when it is raining. Having a doggy rain hat for them to wear might help the battle a bit. Doggy rain hats keep the rain from hitting them in their eyes, and sliding down their fur into their ears and down their backs. They are not very heavy, so the dog doesnt always notice them too much to be irritated about it.

Doggy Backpacks
While having a dog wear a backpack can be really cute, they arent just for looks anymore. There are some kinds of doggy backpacks that are designed to help calm high-energy dogs. They also help the dogs owner carry things on walks and on trips, because helpful things like car keys and water bottles can be placed right in the dogs backpack. The dog backpack is also something that the dog feels comfortable in once they are used to the weight, and this feeling of being “hugged” can really calm them down. They are great to put on dogs that are being trained to be calmer around children.

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