Lately the trend everywhere has been going green and luckily, that doesnt have to be any different when you are shopping for your furry friend. Because a designer dog boutique offers you the highest quality items for your pooch, you can be sure that they will have some eco-friendly options as well as many of these products not only help the environment, but are of the best quality. If you take a look at your local pet boutique, you will be surprised to see how many environmentally friendly options you can find. There are even some boutiques, both in stores and online, that are entirely devoted to selling these green products. Here are just a few of the items you can find.

Dog Beds

Every pooch needs a bed and it is no surprise that a designer dog boutique will carry a wide range of options. Luckily, they will also have plenty of environmentally friendly options. If you are going green, try to find a bed that is made from either organic or recycled materials like organic cotton or even recycled plastic. These beds will be just as comfortable as all the other ones and come in just as many styles, colors and shapes.

Dog Shampoo

One of the great benefits of eco-friendly shampoo for your furry friend is that these shampoos will not only help the environment but also be better for your dog. That is because these will be organic meaning they will not contain any harsh chemicals that could irritate your best friends skin. Instead they will be all natural, making your pups fur look great without any possible side effects. You can even find organic flea shampoos that use natural flea repellents such as citronella instead of the harsh chemicals found in most of the ones on the market.

Food And Treats

When you are looking for food or treats for your furry friend, going eco-friendly has more benefits than just helping the environment. That is because while normal dog foods might contain preservatives or chemicals, the green ones you find in a designer dog boutique are organic or all natural. That means that not only will you be helping the environment by discouraging the production of chemicals, but they will be much healthier for your dog as well. They will let you know exactly what you are giving your dog instead of having to guess with some of the other brands.

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