Everything you need to know about … wallets!

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No, I’m not going to babble about what’s in and what’s out on terms of portfolios, because they should not be chosen by fads and yes according to taste, necessity, practicality and most important whether the space available for loading.

Now it is obvious that a beautiful leather wallet is always in and appropriate to be shown in all circumstances. But more importantly, whether it is nylon, canvas or leather is that is in great condition and not all screwed up or clogged up the soul of things. It need not necessarily be combined with your outfit type it in the same color, but if it is coordinated in line with the spirit of the clothes you are wearing, the better for you. But it is not a must. Even as it can serve to reveal a little of who you are. Other than that … the more tips about.

So let’s get to what actually matters.

If you do not want to carry around bags or masculine briefcases and therefore their pockets wretches, that not many (unless of course you are always adept style utility with full trousers and tops of pockets), live crowded … enthusiastically suggest that you or charge a typical male wallet, but those more compact and thinly or use one of those that were made only for cards (the card cases) that are very small and thin. Or you can break down and use a money clip combined with a wallet or thin card-type case, for example, in order to divide the best in their pockets to carry. This way there is neither bulky nor heavy because you will not just put everything in a wallet or pocket only.

And to take the portfolios slims or card cases? The minimum necessary. “And what would be the minimum necessary, Di?” Well, it would be that you can not leave home without, but you end up in jail, like an identity document, driver’s license, car document … Interruption to comment: In the case of identity, you can have that little one and more compact version of the SFC to facilitate or make photocopies and send then authenticate and carry around a copy. The other insofar as they are.

Going back to load … a credit card only (preferably the one with the best date to spend), your bank card, check (only if necessary and if it is better to forget the bead and prefer those little leaves a la carte – indeed have this version that you get self-service machines in banks is even cheaper than the standard bead and her look less bulky pro), Health Insurance Card (will know if you will not need it?) and money. Did I forgot something? Oh and of course condoms. But she gives up to carry in a pocket, solinha.

“And the pictures of the mother, girlfriend, wife, young, triplets, dog, parrot and the like, where I take?” What about the heart? There will not regret and will always be there and better visible swell without in any way your outfit.

Anyway, all this can do much to reduce the visual and physical weight and increase their pockets and so much charm and elegance of your look.

Now, if space is not an issue because you are an enthusiast of such bags … so choose the one that best suits you and enjoy. Of course, it can clog up the memorablia. Just do not exceed the limit of common sense, also known as the boundary close the wallet with a certain comfort and ease without locking it with a battle worthy of competing with the entry that jeans that are two sizes slimmer than his silhouette. is professional in tailor made suits ,exclusive designed,full canvas made to measure suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

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