Choosing Fashion Jewelry Beads

When it comes to fashion beads, the range of colors, shapes and materials to choose from is just huge. This could easily land one in a dilemma when deciding what to go with. To make your decision much easier, there are a number of factors that you ought to take into account. These are;
 What kind of jewelry would you like to make or buy?
 Will you be wearing the jewelry to a special occasion?
 Which color will best compliment your skin tone and/or your outfit?
Below are a few recommendations that you can use.
If you choose to go with a double or single strand necklace with no pendant, choose one with larger beads. Smaller beads will be better for a necklace with a pendant or one that has many strands.
For a double or single strand bracelet, fairly large beads will be best. On the other hand, smaller beads will be much better for a charm or multi-strand bracelet.
Anklets just go well with smaller beads, regardless of whether or not they have charms.
With earrings, the size of the beads does not really matter. Just remember that larger beads will increase the weight of the earrings.
A blend of a few or one large bead and smaller beads will work best for brooches.
For a wedding or a night out, go with extravagant and shiny jewelry but for everyday jewelry or for a board meeting, this will not work.
Pearls work well with all occasions while more striking beads such as crystals will be best for special festive seasons. You could also put on crystals as everyday jewelry.
A blend of crystals and pearls works well for all occasions. Beads come in a wide range of different colors and it could be difficult to choose a particular color. For a start, go with your favorite color.
Consider your skin tone and the outfit when trying to pick up jewelry for a certain occasion. Warm skin tomes go best with metals like copper, brass, pewter and gold. They also do well with stones like turquoises, corals, peaches, yellows, greens, oranges and browns. Cool skin tomes on the other hand blend very well with metals like white gold, platinum and silver and stones like magenta, reds, blues, purples, pinks, diamonds and white pearls.
The above recommendations will serve to make it much easier for you to choose the best beads to have in your jewelry regardless of the occasion, your skin tone or the outfit you will be wearing.

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