Elastic Cords are Perfect Choice than Other Beads Stringing Materials

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There are many varieties of beads stringing materials used in beading. Most of the threads that are used in beadwork do not stretch at all. They therefore make jewelry pieces of defined sizes. This implies that if you make a beaded bracelet using may be Swarovski crystals, if you add weight you might not be able to put on your bracelet. However, there are elastic cords that make a perfect choice for making jewelry. With these stringing materials, you can wear your piece even when you have gained extra pounds. In addition, you can give it to a friend and it will just fit them perfectly.

Elastic cords are the most preferred of all the beads stringing materials since you can decide not to use a jewelry clasp on the bracelet. They are also commonly used in making anklets. Elastic cords are preferred because of their elasticity. They are suitable for small and medium sized beads. However, they can also be used in stringing larger beads but you have to put more strands to prevent the cord from giving in to the weight.

How to String Beads on an Elastic Cord

It is one thing to string beads using beads stringing materials such as a relaxing thread or wire, it is quite another when you have you are doing the same using a stretching materials. Not everybody who can get this art, but it is not as difficult as many would make it to look like. Here are some tips on how you can get it right.

1. Elastic cords come in different sizes and colors. Before you shop for one, know the size of the groove of the stones that you will be using. To start with, measure the circumference of your neck or wrist, using a tape measure. To the measured length and a few inches to allow for the end knots and cut it.

2. Place your beads on a board or a clear piece of cloth in the order in which you would want them to follow. Gathering your beads together will ensure that some of them do not get lost in the process.

3. In one end of the elastic cords, attach a bead stopper to prevent your beads from falling off. Remember to leave one or two inches at the end. Now hold the cord from the other end without the stopper, this helps to keep it rigid so as the beads slid in effortlessly.

4. String in the beads one by one, just how you want them to appear. For differently colored beads, they appear good when they are alternated.

5. When you have stringed all the beads, remove the stopper. Where the beads end, make a tight double knot and to make it firmer, put a drop of glue. For the rest of the elastic cord cut it but leave enough for tying around your wrist or neck.

As you have seen, stringing beads using elastic cords is not hard. You do not require any expertise to make a beaded bracelet using an elastic string. Furthermore, it makes your jewelry piece cheaper since it does not require a clasp. Unlike other, beads stringing materials, you will not need to buy another piece if you happen to add weight. You can comfortably wear it without asking for help from someone else to fasten it for you.

As an enthusiast for all things fashion, the author has discovered a way of using elastic cords to pull off great necklaces and bracelets jobs with cheap beads stringing materials. This cheap cost is in turn transferred to the customers.

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