Learn To Make Cheap Brooches with Elastic Cords

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Brooches are perfect fashionable add-ons to any outfit. They are popular for weddings where they are attached on bridal wear. They are also popular with celebrities and some specimens will cost you a fortune. However, there are cheap brooches that are elegant enough which will help you cut an expensive look. Did you know that you can make your own? You do not need to be the finest designer in town to come up with an attractive piece.

Brooches are made in all shapes and designers. Some will take the form of flowers while others are a little bit weird and will carry the shape of a dragon. Whatever the shape, they are all meant to enhance your style and image. There is a type of brooches that is made of pearls. It is very beautiful and this is something that anyone out there can make. You can make brooches of all sizes and shapes using elastic cords which will cost you less as compared to buying one from a designer.

Tips on How to Make Pearl Beads Brooch

Cheap brooches that are made of pearl add a sparkle to your wear. They are glamorous and they can make a plain blouse or a blazer to be prettier. In addition, you can add them to your favorite pair of jeans for a funkier look. If you are adventurous, make one to complement your hairstyle. Freshwater pearls may cost a lot more but you can get them on discount. If you have a tight budget go for the plastic pearls; nobody will note the difference if you make it well.

1. Cut a lengthy elastic cord, this to allow for the knotting at the ends. Elastic cords stretch easily, so, on one end of the cord, put a stopper to prevent the beads from falling off when you will be stringing.

2. Cheap brooches are made with bases to hold firm the jewelry elements. For this one, use a colander base, you can get one from any craft store in your neighborhood. They look like sieves. Slide in the elastic string in the hole at the center of the base. Screw in a pearl bead onto the elastic cord and fasten it against the colander base.

3. Add the other pearls to the ring of holes outside the bead at the center as you slip the string in the holes. The string should overlap the underside of the base so as to ensure that the pearls are firmly held.

4. Continue with the process until you reach the outermost line of holes on the brooch. Tie a knot at the edge to restrain the beads from falling off. Take off the bead stopper and make another knot. Use the extra elastic strings to fasten the beads on to the colander base by tying onto the base. Pour a lot amount of adhesive on the back of the colander base to achieve a firm finish.

You can make attractive pearl brooches using elastic cords. They are easier to make as compared to the ones that use wires. You can learn to create cheap brooches of any design. In addition, you can use other varieties of beads to make lovely brooches for wearing on your sweaters, dresses or even your hair.

Having spent years in the fashion industry, the author was delighted to find that elastic cords also make great bead stringing material and that their ready availability meant cheap brooches. Today, he spends most of his time experimenting with beads of all sizes, types and colors.

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