Best Beads Stringing Materials to Use on Swarovski Beads

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Swarovski beads are used largely in making jewelry. Most beads have to be beaded together to make the final product that you see either as a necklace or a bracelet. Whether you are doing it on your own at home or a jewelry maker is making them for you, good beads stringing materials must be used. You do not use just any wire to thread in the beads. If you want your jewelry piece to last, the foundation must be firm. If you use one that is too rough for your beads, they might get damaged. On the other hand, if you use simple sewing thread, you might lose all your beads.

The materials you will use to string together the Swarovski beads will depend on the size and the texture of the groove. It will also depend on your taste since beads stringing materials come in different colors. If the size of the hole on the beads is large, you will definitely have to buy a silk thread or a wire that is thick enough to pass through the groove but still one that will hold the beads in place. If the beads have abrasive holes will require a wire or nylon thread to resist breaking.

Perfect Choices of Beads Stringing Materials for Swarovski beads

1. FireLine beads stringing materials are interwoven threads for making jewelry. It is strongly designed to stand any pressure. It is popular with jewelry makers for large projects of beadwork. It rarely stretches or tangle. The thread is enters through the grooves of many beads effortlessly and has high resistance to any abrasion from the beads that have rough edges. It is the best choice for stringing Swarovski beads. It is long lasting owing to its design and it does not give in to the effects of sunrays.

2. Nylon thread beads stringing materials are light in weight and they work well with most of the beads. The thread is also very durable and can resist any scratching from the roughest of the beads grooves. It is available in different thicknesses and colors. When you are shopping for this thread ensure that its thickness matches the holes of your Austrian beads. In addition, use a beading needle that has an eye, which is equivalent to size of the thread.

3. Kevlar- This is a very strong thread. It is made from synthetic materials. It is also used in making bulletproof vests. It works perfectly in any stringing project. Of all the beads stringing materials, it is the only one that is suitable to use with most beading needles. The thread is naturally yellow but has been dyed by the manufacturers to result into different colors.

4. Silken bonded nylon thread- This one looks almost like the original silk. However, it is more durable and is capable of resisting abrasion from beads that have rough finishes. It comes in varying thickness. You will also find it in an array of colors to suit your type of beads.

When you are making a beaded necklace or any other jewelry piece, ensure that the type of the beads stringing materials you choose conform in all aspects to your Swarovski beads. This is paramount to ensure that your piece last long.

It takes more than one article to get one started on Swarovski beads necklaces and bracelets. However, as the author discovered, this is made easier when one gets the right beads stringing materials.

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