Carrier Transicold’s Platinum Anniversary: All About E-Drive

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Two decades ago, Carrier Transicold launched E-Drive. Little did they know that this all-electric technology would prove to be industry-changing to the transport refrigeration sector of the logistics world. Now, as they celebrate their platinum anniversary, they can look back with pride on how they’ve helped delivery work become more sustainable over the past 20 years. This system has helped them maintain exceptionally high standards when it comes to performance, efficiency and reliability.

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The Driving Question: What is E-Drive?

The system gets rid of the mechanical transmissions that can be seen in trailer refrigeration and belt-driven truck systems and, using a generator, changes the engine power into electricity. This means that emissions and leaks are reduced. Not only that, this innovative system dramatically diminishes the consumption of fuel. In turn, the vehicle’s carbon footprint is reduced – not to mention the entire operation is significantly quieter than diesel engines.

The technology works well with a variety of products and types of delivery work. However, it is widely agreed that it is particularly suitable for temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals, because it provides a first-rate and dependable cold chain performance. It is superior to traditional systems that sometimes have problems producing heat inside the trailer, because it utilises electric-constant heating. This ensures that each compartment is exactly the temperature it should be, even in extreme conditions.

When it comes to light commercial vehicles, this system provides peace of mind as the technology maintains consistent multi-temperature capacity at all engine speeds. There is a guarantee that each and every refrigeration unit will stay at its desired temperature, even if the vehicle’s engine happens to spend a long time idling due to heavy traffic.

A Positive Environmental Impact

Since it was first launched, E-Drive has done a fantastic job helping many fleets significantly reduce their environmental impact while simultaneously increasing their unit uptime and temperature control precision. As the technology has helped cut down on refrigerant leaks by about 50 percent, CO2 emissions have also lessened. Maintenance and vehicles out of commission have also gone down, as 17 serviceable parts are removed from each unit that makes the switch to E-Drive. Fewer parts mean fewer breaks and fixes.

What’s Next for E-Drive and Delivery Work?

Carrier Transicold is a true pioneer. Their bold introduction of this particular system has done much to advance the future of environmentally friendly refrigeration technology and related delivery work, possibly more so than they ever dreamed when they launched this initiative two decades ago. Who knows what it will look like in 20 more years?

Whether you’ve been using this environmentally sound technology since it came out or this article is the first time you’ve heard about it, E-Drive is an indisputably positive influence on the logistics industry.

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