Take Your Courier Business to the Top: Think Laterally, Work Profitably

So, you’ve decided to make a career out of doing delivery work? Congratulations, you’ve chosen a fast-paced, fulfilling way to earn good money in return for honest hard work. One of the most exciting ways to create a successful, independent life in the delivery work industry is to go it alone in your own ‘man and van’ operation. While it’s not for everyone, the rewards of being an owner-driver are many and varied.

But before you grab your van keys and dive right in, take the time to read a few little tips from those in the know, which will help you think laterally and give your fledgling business a boost from the start.

Sure Fire Ways to Start Your Delivery Work Business Right!

Always look professional: This is the first and most important one. The saying ‘dress for the day you want to have’ even applies to delivery work. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a uniform, just a neat (clean) polo shirt with your business logo, or at the very least your name, can do wonders to make you look professional. Look and act like a professional from day one and you’ll reap the rewards (and respect) from your clients.

Be the best at what you do: Nobody can be all things to all people, but just concentrate on being the best at what you do. Promise your customers the world and make sure you deliver. Then go one further and exceed their expectations.

Be the one that ‘can’: Go out of your way to offer ‘rush’ or ‘emergency’ services and watch the jobs roll in! Just make sure you have the resources and ability to carry through on your promises.

Blow your own trumpet: One of the best things a new business can do is write a press release and send it out to local newspapers. If you can do it yourself, all the better, but otherwise enlist someone who’s good with words to write a release about your new business, making the most of your point of difference and your ‘story’.

Get your name out there: If you have even a small budget to invest in some customised pens, notepads or fridge magnets, do it! You’d be amazed how much business you can attract simply by being the name in front of a potential client at the right time and place.

Learn from your mistakes: Nobody likes it when things go wrong, but they do – that’s life. You’re going to get the odd complaint about your service, but the best way to face it is head on. Don’t get into an argument, but instead focus on firstly, how you can fix the problem, and secondly, how you can learn from what happened. You can really turn a situation around if a customer can see that you’re trying to make amends and, in many cases, you can even turn them into a loyal customer because of it.

Starting a delivery work business can be daunting at first and being an owner-driver is not easy. But if you like the idea of being your own boss, it’s the ideal career choice. Persevere with your efforts, work hard, earn yourself a good name in the industry and you will succeed.

Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Courier Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry. Connecting logistics professionals across the UK and Europe through their website, Courier Exchange provides services for matching delivery work with available drivers, and is now the fastest growing Freight Exchange in the UK.

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