A Clean Lorry is a Happy Lorry: Why We Like Lymm Truckwash

Lymm Truckwash, the largest truck washing firm in Europe, has recently made a £2.3m investment into a new Cheshire site in the UK. Whilst many may see washing trucks as something of a ‘dirty’ industry, Lymm’s Managing Director Laura Cardwell is keen

This HGV Safety Checklist Will Ensure Your Delivery Work Goes Smoothly

If your delivery work requires you to operate heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), it’s important that they are in tip-top shape each and every time you drive them. This means that you should complete a pre-drive check before you begin your journey – and yes

Take Your Courier Business to the Top: Think Laterally, Work Profitably

So, you’ve decided to make a career out of doing delivery work? Congratulations, you’ve chosen a fast-paced, fulfilling way to earn good money in return for honest hard work. One of the most exciting ways to create a successful, independent life in t

Reduce Speed, Reduce Pollution: The M4 Scheme Proves It

How many drivers in the delivery work industry are aware that when they are driving faster they create more pollution in the form of nitrogen dioxide? It’s because of this that speed restrictions have been put into place on motorways that pass close

All a Fleet Manager Needs to Know about Courier Insurance

If you’re a fleet manager in charge of a courier company, irrespective of the size you probably already know that the job comes with a great deal of responsibility. You’re effectively in charge of what can often be a large number of employees and veh

Dance Through Your Delivery Work: The Best Music Apps for Hauliers

As anyone involved in delivery work will know, the biggest issues to deal with when you are spending hours out on the road day after day are boredom and loneliness. Music is definitely one of the best remedies for either one of these problems, and ca

Cleaning up our Act: The Government’s Ambitious Goals for 2040

It’s almost impossible to ignore the ever louder calls to do something about climate change. While those doing delivery work have always faced concerns about pollution, the scale of the problem and the urgency of acting now have only recently come to

Bye-Bye Blind Spots: London’s Direct Vision Standard

As anyone involved in delivery work knows, blind spots can pose serious dangers to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Even a near-miss or a collision in which no-one is hurt can be damaging, leading to high costs in repairs and insurance, delayed del

PASSango’s EuroPilot Feature: New Innovations from AS 24

Anyone who does delivery work in Europe knows how much of a pain it can be when countries aren’t aligned in their regulations and legislation. Toll payments can be especially troublesome, as drivers have to navigate a variety of different requirement

Making Life Easier for Hauliers: Flexible Fuelling

Anyone who does delivery work knows how important it is to be able to refuel quickly and easily. Access to infrastructure and quick-use products can make the difference between completing a job comfortably on time and under budget, and racking up cos