7322Necklaces women’s most popular piece of handmade jewellery

When it comes to pieces of handmade jewellery in a woman’s collection the necklace is probably the most popular piece that you will find. These accessories come in many styles and lengths are the main part of any collection.

By adding the correct style and length necklace to an outfit you can add style and elegance or the latest fashion trend. You will find pieces that are very intricate and designs that are simple and stylish and there will be something that will suit everybody’s tastes and preferences. When it comes to style there are 3 main designs that come to mind.

The piece of handmade jewellery called a choker has a much defined look and is designed to be worn close to the neck and to draw attention to the neckline. This style of jewellery necklace is designed to be worn tight and close to the neck and can be handmade from plain metals, beads and you can see styles that have been made from velvet and silk bands that have lockets and cameos and other types of unique and original adornments on them. These can add style and elegance to an evening outfit and complement a low necklace or off the shoulder style of evening dress. This style of handmade jewellery will add drama and elegance to any outfit worn in the evening and if you would like to adopt this style for wearing during the day there are many beautiful casuals jewellery necklaces if this length available.

There are many lengths to be found with these pieces of handmade jewellery and you will get short necklace designs as short as 16 inches as with the choker and then there are designs that will sit as long as down to your waist. The length of your necklace will depend on your body type and also the style of clothes that you are going to wear this particular necklace with. You will find these lovely unique handcrafted pieces made from many different materials, very expensive pieces where the designer has used precious metals like gold and silver with precious metals like diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, or the mid price range where there are unusual and original pieces of handmade jewellery with necklaces crafted from natural semi-precious beads like Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Amazonite or Onyx. Then you will see many necklace designs that are cheaper and have been handmade from materials like glass beads, wooden beads, paper, and cloth. These designs will be in both traditional and contemporary piece and you will not be stuck with finding the correct necklace to go with the correct outfit.

The other style of handmade necklace jewellery is the pendant and this piece of handmade jewellery also comes in many different styles and made from many different materials. Designs that are crafted from precious stones with usually be found in small simple and stylish designs that are set with the gemstones and then hang from a precious metal chain close to the neck. Pendants could be something as simple as a polished semi-precious stone that hangs from a leather or suede thong. These semi-precious stones could be left in their natural form or they could be cut and polished into shapes like a heart which is a very popular style of pendant that is worn. Slices of Agate polished showing of their natural beauty make stunning pendants and also pieces of handmade glass make lovely unique pieces of handmade jewellery and these are becoming more popular.

With all these designs you will find huge ranges of necklace design and these unique pieces of handmade jewellery from the delicate to the chunky and come in lots of different price ranges.

If you are looking for a unique handmade necklace design to add to your collection there are many beautiful designs to be had. From the UK necklaces handmade from a large collection of semi-precious beads and semi-precious pendants and to these UK made and designed necklaces you will see the additioin of pearls and crystals

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