Job Searching Tips for Everyone

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If you do not plan to be an entrepreneur then definitely you have to apply for a job at some point of time. Sometimes even teenagers take up a job to fund their college education. Therefore, what would you do once you chose to take up a job? During pre digital days, you would usually buy newspapers and circle job listings that you want to apply. Get in touch with people through your friends and relatives and ask for a suitable opening.

However, in this digital life style, searching a job has become a full time task. Job searching has also become very competitive and complicated. It is very important that you should be smart, creative, and have sufficient knowledge how to deal the technicalities of nailing a job on its head. Your approach in searching a job should many pronged. You cannot only check the classified, in newspapers and websites, but get in touch with the headhunters dealing in jobs related to the industry of your interest, check the website of the company of your choice for openings, online job listings, and lastly network physically and through the social networking sites to secure your dream job.

Be aware that this is not enough. You also need to customize your cover letters and resumes before sending them out. Nowadays, the free job listing sites have a huge database of the jobs as well as the job searchers. All you need to do is register, chose the industry you want to work in, fill in your details, and attach your resume. This way you will get all mails matching your profile directly in your inbox.

By visiting the company’s website of your interest, you register and create your profile for the listed job openings. You can also send your resume to the HR department of the company who would definitely get in touch with you once they have an opening for you. When working with headhunters, you can either hire a headhunter for yourself or work with one attached to a particular industry.

Always keep an updated resume and customize as you apply. Your resume and cover letter should be concise and effective. Make sure that your resume is not more than two pages. In fact, one page is better. Moreover, there should be no typography or grammatical mistakes, so proofread your resume two to three times.

It is important that you stay in touch, so do follow up by e-mail or phone, in a week or so after submitting your resume. Follow-up is important even after an interview that can be done by sending a thank you to your interviewer.

 Mohit is a writer and business marketing manager at SubmitResume is a job search engine that allows job seekers to upload resumes and employers free job postings.

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