Widen Your Job Search Prospects

All the different career sites, apart from listings of jobs in India for different types of jobs like IT jobs, Engineering jobs, HR jobs both under private jobs or Government jobs in India, also provides a number of articles to guide the job seekers in writing a cover letter and resume, how to search for a job and etc.

The assumption that, networking is only for people with high profile jobs and people in marketing field are very untrue. Networking when simply explained means connecting and communicating. Knowing the people, you work or even commute with and keeping in touch with them is networking. It does not necessarily means that they should be in same profession or community. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone networks but using this simple tool to benefit each other professional or personally is what is a successful networking. So, go ahead and network to increase your job prospects.

The other important thing is your cover letter and resume. Emailing same cover letter and resume is a bid ‘No-No’. Remember, a resume is an important career document seen by your potential employer even before they see or meet you. Updating it to include important and latest details is very significantly important and then it should be posted at leading job website and available for employers to see it.

You also need to update your former and current colleagues and friends and talk to them. You never know you may come to know about a job that you might have over looked at the website postings. Do not give up keep circulating your resume and yourself by being updated every now and then. Another thing that you can do is to send your resume to a probable employer attached to the cover letter in the email body, concisely telling about yourself.

Do not assume that your job is done once you have put up your resume at various websites having listing of jobs in India even if it is for Government jobs in India. Stay in touch with friends and professionals so that you are aware of all the happenings in your field. Make use of social media websites to keep you in circulation.

Effective networking is like a two-way street where you should be equally ready to share your knowledge and contacts too with others in your circle. At the same time, remember to thank everyone who has shared something with you and keep in touch professionally and otherwise. Successful networking can help you in casting your net of job search much further and wider in the job market.

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