British Shoes Inspired by the Mathematics of How a Flamingo Stands

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A British business woman is taking the shoe world by storm through a unique style of designer heels which will comfortably take women from the boardroom to the bar with an exclusive concept manufactured in the UK.

Shoes by Shaherazad is the brain child of British born business woman Shaherazad Umbreen and features unique designs made in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter which is in the heart of the UK.

The concept, which sold out within 8 weeks of being launched, is being snapped up with celebrity endorsements from stars including British model Alexa Chung and Coronation Street actress Jane Danson.

Shaherazad, who lives in Kings Norton, said she originally came up with the idea ten years ago and that it took two years of product design to manufacture the perfect pair of heels, which is based on the way a flamingo stands on one leg to provide the perfect body weight distribution.

“It is all down to mathematics really,” says Shaherazad as she explains the science behind the unique new shoe design. “I had a dream of empowering women by providing heels that not only looked good but were also good for their feet and comfortable to wear. Many business women are now working longer hours and we want to look good without having to suffer for it.

“Shoes by Shaherazad use the science behind how a flamingo stands on one leg to provide the perfect weight distribution, and so the perfect balance.”

Shaherazad, who completed a Masters in Cognitive Science at Birmingham University, not only came up with the idea, but also personally designs the ‘shoellery’ (shoe jewellery) that are a completely new concept created by the British business woman to provide interchangeable looks.

The embellishments are then created by specialist metal workers in the Jewellery Quarter who bring Shaherazad’s innovative creations to life.

“The shoellery clips are a really exciting addition to the heels,” says Shaherazad. “They are a completely new concept and mean you can wear your heels in the day and then add a piece of shoellery created here in Britain to make them look like a different pair of heels.”

It is the versatility and comfort that is seeing Shaherazad get endorsements from celebrities such as award winning make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury who has worked with A-list models including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

“I wanted to create a product which empowers women,” says the 41-year-old who donates funds from the sale of her shoes to support women and girls living in poverty.

“The endorsements I get from powerful women such as Alexa Chung, Jane Danson and Charlotte Tilbury mean so much. They go to show how much they believe in the product and see the difference it can make.”

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