British business beating Brexit fears as weak pound sees sales soar

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A British business is getting a boost from overseas markets in spite of Brexit fears as sales of her British made products soar with new export opportunities.

Shaherazad Umbreen is seeing sales of her high-end 18 hour heels, worn by a host of celebrities, go global as she taps in to emerging markets with the weakening pound making the product more appealing.

With sales of her heels, which are guaranteed to provide up to 18 hours of pain free wear, going global Shaherazad is finding around 70% of her sales of the innovative product overseas with the entrepreneur seeing sales from as far as Indonesia, Singapore and the USA.

“There has been a real surge in sales overseas,” said the owner of Shoes by Shaherazad who is working with the Department of International Trade to target further export opportunities. “The weakening pound coupled with the fact that we offer free worldwide shipping is making the heels more desirable to overseas markets.”

Something the Birmingham business woman is now looking to expand on as she has seen interest from businesses as far afield as Kuwait and is looking to launch to the market later in the year.

Putting the interest down to the quality British designs and craftwomanship, the shoes not only empower women through their use but also through a percentage of the sales going to good causes across the globe.

“18 hour heels are more than just a nice pair of heels,” said Shaherazad. “I think that is part of their appeal. When I set out to do this I wanted to do something that would help to empower women. So far, sales of the shoes have helped over 1000 women and girls from some of the world’s poorest countries to build for the future whether that’s finding work or better access to education.”

The shoes, are designed using the science of how a flamingo stands on one leg to provide optimum weight distribution.

Designed by the British business woman they also feature special jewellery designs hand crafted in the Jewellery Quarter in the heart of Birmingham.

“I am actually finding that the fact the heels are 100% made in England with English craftsmen and designs a selling point for the overseas markets as well. The quality British craftmanship and the fact that the jewellery designs are all handmade by a specialist metal worker here in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter all speak for the quality of the product.”

With interest mounting from further afield it isn’t just overseas markets seeing the appeal though. British celebrities including supermodel Alexa Chung, Coronation Street actress Jane Danson and West End Star Verity Rushworth have all snapped up a pair.

Working with the Department of International Trade to launch the shoes in even more places this year the appeal of 18 hour heels is set to grow.

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