Pallet Consultants Save Lives Of Many Trees By Pallet Recycling

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April 14, 2018 – Due to the growing awareness towards the environment, plenty of companies across the world have started believing the pallet-recycling concept and even access the products made by recycling. This gives a better solution for all the Pallet problems faced by the companies. Since the company has been in the Pallet industry for many years, they desired to do something meaningful so that they have started to manufacture a recycled version of pallets to reduce the demand for trees. Get more info about Pallets In Georgia

They aimed to save lives of many trees by making their clients Nationwide utilize recycled pallets. Recycled pallets can reduce workforce needs and minimize handling & transportation costs. It becomes one of the increasingly popular choices among the business owners not just for the environment benefits but also for other benefits.

Recycling pallets will help you avoid injuries and accidents at your business premises. Thus, get old pallets recycled and keep your premises clutter free. Like other types of recycling, it is also an environmentally friendly practice. Millions of pallets every year have been reused ended up in the landfills. Only 3percent of pallets have been recycled and used worldwide.

Recycling Used pallet reduces fuel usage and greenhouse emissions as well. Do you know that recycled pallets have proven to be more resistant and stronger than New pallets? At the time of pallet recycling process, the wood is seasoned and even repaired thereby it provides additional strength. According to some studies, the recycled pallet is 13% stronger when compared to new pallets.

Hence, next time if you need to buy pallets or recycle your old pallets, contact the pallet recycling professionals at Pallet Consultants. They have a team of high-specialized professionals who are trained to check each part of the pallets you need to recycle. This makes sure that you will avail premium quality pallets every time. Moreover, they take a huge step forward in saving millions of trees requirements to make new pallets.

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We are one of the best and well-known brands for pallet manufacturing and recycling on the ground. We provide our service throughout the South Carolina and Florida Georgia. Our company is also able to serve nationwide as we are in the shipping and supply chain logistics businesses. We have been in the industry for over 60years and worked with many big corporations such as Coco-cola. We also design and tailor pallet programs for every customer offering new, recycled and remanufactured pallets. We are a member of FRMBC and our company is a Certified Minority-Owned & Operated Florida Corporation.

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