HTC One X Contract Deals to Die For

With 32GB of memory and many other powerful features, the One X is a smartphone which has provided HTC with a best-selling addition to their stable of devices.
The impressive 4.7 inch HD touch screen is perfect if you like to play games or watch videos and the 8 mega pixel camera has a continuous shot mode which means that you can keep taking those pictures until the right moment arrives. You can also take pictures while recording a video. It is a pretty advanced piece of technology.

Nice Chassis
The HTC One X has the Android Operating System so you have access to all the latest games and Apps on Google Play. The power is provided by the quad-core CPU which can cope with every demand you place on it. It is all packaged into a sleek slim-line chassis which has curves in all the right places (that is OK to use when describing a phone right?).

Make no mistake about it, this phone is big. So if a phone which is only just about pocket-friendly is not the one you are looking for, the search must continue. For the rest of us, it is time to find the HTC One X contract which will bring us deep joy, if that is possible.

HTC One X Contract Options
We all like options, they are as important to us as air probably. If you only have one option, you feel kind of restricted, perhaps slightly claustrophobic? Well here’s the bad news…. There is only one provider available and only one length of contract too. This is a bit of a problem admittedly, but hey there’s still loads of other questions we can ask when we consider the deal we need. Are you big on texting? Would you like lots of data instead of call time? There are more questions than that obviously but it’s probably the answers that are more important, so let’s find the deal we need.

We cannot start anywhere else… Vodafone are the only provider which currently offers a contract for this phone. You can get the HTC One elsewhere but at the moment, the HTC One X contract option is exclusive to Vodafone in the UK. It is soon to be made available on other networks, but if you search for it on any comparison site, or on the individual provider’s website, it is either out of stock or unavailable currently.

It matters not, because the Vodafone deals are basically going to be pretty hard to beat in my humble opinion, although I have been wrong before, once, a long time ago….

24 Month Deals
This is the only available term currently available too so actually is the only place to begin. A twenty four month contract is obviously a fair amount of time, but I always think they are the way to go in general because they just represent so much more in terms of value.

The cheapest option is for three hundred minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of data. It comes in at £21 per month so it is pretty impressively priced. Of course you get the handset for free too, do not forget; this is not a great deal of data though. Many medium users will have got through this within a week, but still good for those remaining few to whom just being able to call a friend is a rare and wonderful thing.

More Data
If you are going to need more data than that, which you basically are, try the unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of data option, the phone is free and the cost is £29 per month… It is good, but we are not done yet. Not by a long way.

More… Everything!
Are you a fan of music? Or even sports? How does this package sound? Unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 2GB of data AND a choice of subscription to either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV? If you do not know what Spotify is then you probably do not like music so best just go for the sports, but all this costs you just £34 per month with the handset included for free. Excuse me I just need to sit down… I already am sat down actually but never mind. It is a good deal, but hang on just a second, do we have a new contender for the ‘deal to die for’?

Not really; you can get more data added to the same bundle, for example 4GB is £39 and 8GB is £44. They are both great deals but I feel we peaked too soon.
I know a lot of web obsessed people, and I have never known any of them to plough through 8GB of data in a month. Even when I accidentally left my data roaming on during a two week trip to Thailand I do not think I consumed as much as that.

Data Test Drive
Here is my suggestion, take the 2GB deal and take advantage of the three month data test drive. This means you can use as much data as you want for the first three months. At the end of the three month trial period they will let you know how much you used each month.

If it turns out that 2GB was not meeting up to your demands, you can amend your contract to increase your data allowance for the remainder. Now this will make your monthly payments go up of course, but it is a really good idea for those of us who have not got the first idea about how much data we consume. Quick tip for you though; do not go over the top for the first three months because you know it is free.

Use it as you normally would to get a fair indication of the plan you should be on. And if it is 8GB, you probably need to spend less time on the Internet and spend more time talking to actual real life people.

In order to find the best HTC One X contract with the most data, Phil Turner entered his requirements into a comparison website and it returned quite a few options.

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