Apple, BlackBerry and HTC Phones For Free With Pay Monthly Deals

Let freedom ring by way of a sweet new phone or tablet. Rather than thinking of being “trapped” in a 24 month user contract, imagine the thrill of walking out of the store with a brand new mobile device, fully equipped and operational for free. Be clear, the contract itself is not gratis, and the cost of the mobile device is going to be added to the monthly contract, but you will not take an immediate financial hit and will be able to stagger the cost of some of the most costly devices on todays mobile market.

There are more phones out there on offer for the free deals, but there are so many that we pared it down to three manufacturers with a variety of phones.

Apple Products for Free
With the iPad, iPad Mini, and four version of the iPhone on offer with contract deals, Apple is flooding the market with options for their devotees and newer customers alike. The iPad 2 has Wi-Fi and operates on the 3G network. Two options are available here, the 16 GB and 32 GB versions. Both of these are yours for no charge when you sign up for 24 months of service with a network.

The iPad Mini is “every inch an iPad” according to Apple, and they mean what they say. Connectivity is on the 3G network as well as Wi-Fi, with this one-handed iPad fitting the bill for an ever more size-conscious buying market. If you enjoy having the iPad and would like a smaller version that fits in the palm of your hand, check out deals with the networks before dropping £160 on one. There is nothing like a completely free iPad that connects to the net via both 3G networks and Wi-Fi.

The iPhone 3GS is the earliest version of the iPhone available on a contract phone, coming equipped with 16 GB of memory. If you are into steel construction, opt for the iPhone 4, but if you are a fan of plastic phones, the 3GS is what you want. Also, the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 all have “retina quality displays,” meaning that they are supposed to meet or exceed the human eyes ability to differentiate individual pixels from twelve inches away. You have memory options with the iPhone 4, with 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB all available with a contract. The iPhone 4S has three versions you can choose from, beginning at 16 GB and including the 32 and 64 GB options. If you want the iPhone 5 for free, you will have to be description with 16 GB.

BlackBerry For Free
The line of BlackBerry Bold smart phones, and BlackBerry in general, is known for being very “finger-friendly.” The QWERTY keyboard in use by BlackBerry has been around since their inception, so they have had plenty of time to modify and adapt to make it fit just about any hand out there. The BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Pearl, Q10 and Z10 are yours to choose from if you sign a contract for 24 months. The BlackBerry has remained a popular option for those who conduct business or type emails frequently. Whereas thumb texting might work out just fine, typing with the thumbs is not always conducive to professional obligations. Over the years, BlackBerry has worked out bugs and even replaced hardware that just was not up to snuff.

HTC for You for no Fee
The HTC One has the Snapdragon processor, quad core power and is intended to be HTCs answer to the iPhone. The Mozart, WildFire, Desire and Radar are also eligible for the free deals that come with a contract. The HTC phones range in price from £100 to £250, and everywhere in between. With speed, reliability and screen resolution a focus at HTC, when you choose one of their phones, you dont do so for the free coffee (of which there is none).

How to Select the Phone that is Right For You
Just because these phones can be yours free does not mean that the phone you choose will have no impact on your finances. The opposite is true, with the handsets value determining the cost of various plans. The first thing retailers are going to want to know is which phone you would like to walk out the store with. Once they have you hooked with a piece of technological eye candy, they will get you on the hook by letting you have it for free. This means you will be obligated for a monthly tariff for 24 months, and the handset itself is going to help them determine what kind of price you are looking at for each of those months.

Choose any iPhone and you can expect to be paying out the nose for your contract. The iPhone does have some less expensive plans available, some as low as £7 a month, but you will not be getting a free phone at that price. Instead, expect to spend upwards of £11 a month to even begin to see deals worth having with a phone this advanced and popular.

Most all smart phones have Wi-Fi, but some do it better than others. The same is not true of networks, as there are three, 2G, 3G and 4G. Not all phones work on all networks. In fact, most phones that came out before 2010 are 2G or 3G, and only the high end models after 2010 have 4G capabilities.

4G allows customers to do things impossible on the other networks such as browse and email while talking on the phone, download large files fast and send and receive at a blistering pace. The upload and download speed of the 4G network when paired with the right phone is comparable with a computer when hooked up to a LAN line. That means you can have the same speed and reliable connectivity on the go as when you are at home on a high speed LAN connection. Jetsons, here we are.

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