How to Read the Results of a Broadband Postcode Checker

When you use a broadband postcode checker you will be given certain results. It is important that you understand what these results are and how they will affect you. It is possible to get a broadband postcode checker that gives you very basic information – that requires you to complete further research elsewhere. However, there are other broadband postcode checkers that offer you detailed results where you do not have to look for further information. It is important that you know how to read the results given to you by both types of checkers.

Basic Broadband Postcode Checker
If you are using a basic broadband postcode checker then the results you get should be fairly easy to read. There are really only two pieces of information that these checkers will be providing you with.

The type of connection offered in your area. The first piece of information that you will be getting is the connection type, which will be ADSL, LLU or fibre optic. This information allows you to filter the deals so you only see the connection types you can get.

The providers who work in your area. The second piece of information that you will see is the list of providers that offer the chosen service in your area. Not all providers will offer broadband all over the country. There are also a number of smaller providers that you may not know about who offer very good deals in your area.

Detailed Broadband Postcode Checker
The detailed postcode checker will offer you a greater amount of data in the results. The common way for this information to be presented is by listing the deals that you can get in your area. This means that the postcode checker filters through all the deals offered by every provider and gives you only the ones available in your area. There is a lot of other information which may be included in the results – from the installation costs to a detailed description of the deal on offer.

The Incentives
One aspect of the broadband deal that you might not think about that is detailed in your broadband postcode checker results is the incentives offered by the provider. There are times when there is no incentive offered and this will be shown in the results. Some of the incentives that may be highlighted in the results are vouchers, free installation, online exclusive offers, offers to existing customers, half price deals and free month deals.

It is important when you are looking at the results of your checker that you are not taken in by the incentives. You should never get a broadband deal based solely on what added extras they can offer. You should always look at the different parts of the deal to ensure all your broadband needs are going to be met.

The Name of the Deal
The name of the deal is often listed in the results of a broadband postcode checker. There are a number of reasons for this: the first is that people find it easier to read results if there is some form of heading; another is that you will know what you are looking for when you click through to the providers website.

The name of the deal will tell you a lot about what the deal includes. Broadband-only deals will not have a phone line included. The broadband and phone deals will offer you broadband and special call rates. There are also bundle deals which include TV services. Looking at the name can save you time if you know what you want to be included.

The Details of the Deal
Some broadband checkers will not offer a lot of information about the deal other than the name. These checkers generally want you to click through to the providers websites to find out more. The checkers that do offer further information will include certain pieces of data. The data that these checkers will include start with the download speed of the deal. If a phone line is included the phone call rates and deals will also be detailed. This will include any weekend calls and whether the calls are included or not. The incentive for the deal will also be detailed in this description. The details of the deal will usually end with a ‘more information link which takes you to the providers website.

Provider Contact Details
Most checkers will have a link that takes you directly to the providers website. From there you will be able to get more information and purchase the deal online. Other checkers will go that one extra step: if you are able to buy these deals from the provider over the phone, the checker will provide you with the number to call. Of course, it should be noted that some checkers may also give you the number of the provider on deals that you are not able to get over the phone. These deals are generally the online exclusive deals that can only be bought through the providers website.

What the Deal Offers
What the deal offers is often talked about in the details of the deal section. They will often be repeated in a list form, which is easier to read at a glance. The reason for this is that most people do not take the time to read the details of the deal listed under the deal title. Having the information in an easy-to-read and quick format next to the description is easier for most people. This also allows for the results to be filtered based on what the consumer actually needs.

The items that are listed next to the description will be the download speed and limit, the contract length and the monthly price of the deal. These are all pieces of information that people will look for in a deal and want to be able to filter. It should be noted that the filter will only work in one way and on one piece of information at a time.

Reading the results of a broadband postcode checker is simple when you know how it works.

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