Hyperoptic Who Are They?

Hyperoptic is a new full-fibre UK network provider. They are set to break the barrier as far as speed goes, by offering one gigabyte downloads. This is quite unbelievable as it is exceeds the UK average speed 140 times, and is even faster than the BT business 330 Mbps package.

The Hyperoptic team is the same one that launched Be Un Limited during 2005. That company offered consumers full fibre to the exchange and broke download and upload speed limits. The company won several awards and offered a free 24/7 support service that still wins awards today.

Type of Fibre Optic Service
The intention of Hyperoptic is to build a new, advanced full fibre optic network all the way to your building. They will be installing their fibre cables to the building and not simply to the cabinet on the street. This sets them apart from other network providers who only offer fibre optics as far as the street on which you live. This will also provide you with much faster internet capability.

The company installs FTTB (Fibre to the building) network systems. The fibre optics is run directly to the basement in your property. Inside the building, fibre or Ethernet cables will be used and you will be provided with one Ethernet port.

The Benefits of Fibre Optics
There are several benefits related to fibre optics, compared to the traditional copper network systems. Fibre connections rarely lose data which means the bandwidth is able to move along the cable without loss of speed regardless of the distance travelled. The consistency of the connection is higher as fibre connections experience less environmental interference.

Available Packages
Currently, Hyperoptic offers three packages. You have the option of adding a telephone service to your package or choosing the broadband on its own.

The hyper-lite package offers you 20 Meg downloads and 1 Meg uploads. This service will cost you £22.50 per month without voice calls and with voice calls it will cost £12.50
The hyper-active package offers 100 Meg downloads and 100 Meg uploads. This service will cost you £35 per month without voice calls and with voice calls it will cost £25
The hyper-sonic package offers a super one gig download and one gig upload. It will cost you £60 per month without vice calls and with voice calls it will cost £50
All services are offered with unlimited downloads and no traffic management system is in place
If you opt for the telephone service, you will get free weekend and evening calls to UK numbers, with the facility to add extra call bundles. You can add anytime UK calls for an additional £3 per month.
The contract is for a minimum period of 12 months
You will be provided with a router for your broadband service. The hub allows for the connection of up to five devices by Ethernet cable. The connection speeds for the five devices will be spread over the devices at one at one gig, and four at 100 Meg. This wireless hub will more than likely not exceed 829Meg. This means that to obtain the one gig speeds promised, customers should connect directly to their Ethernet port that is installed on the wall

As you would be subscribing to a fibre optic connection, it is not necessary for you to have a phone line. If you currently have a BT landline, you will be able to retain it.

Hyperoptic makes use of their own infrastructure to provide you with a connection, hence they are not dependent on other providers for their service. You will receive a separate faceplate for your use of the Hyperoptic service.

Installation of Service
If there is an existing faceplate on your property, it will not be necessary for an engineer visit. However, it you do not have a faceplate, it will be necessary for an engineers visit to install it.

The method of installation used by Hyperoptic involves the installation of the fibre from their network into the service rooms or basement of the property. The installation of cables is taken from there to the individual premises within the building. From there the wires are threaded into your residence where a faceplate will be installed near the entrance of your property.
Cancellation of Service

To cancel your service is simple. All you have to do is contact the customer service tem. All cancellation requests require a 30-day notice period. You may be charged a cancellation fee if you are in the minimum period required.

Actual Speeds
The companys technology is different to that used by traditional internet service providers which mean they offer more reliable, realistic speeds. They stipulate that you will indeed receive the advertised speed of your package, but this is dependent upon the devices you use, the site that you are connected to, the services you are connected to and the normal internet overhead at any time. If you connect directly to the faceplate provided, the tested throughput is at least 95% of the speed advertised. The specifications of the computer you use will affect your speed, but this is out of the control of the company and you will have to determine if this is the cause of a slower connection.

This service is not yet available to the entire UK mainland, but the plan is to roll out to that point. The service commenced installation in the London area and has been extremely successful. Should you be interested in obtaining this service, your best option would be to contact the company directly.

You can check the availability of the service by visiting www.hyperoptic.com. If the service is available in your building or the company already has an agreement in place to install the service, you will be sent to the online order page. This is where you can choose the product you wish to subscribe to and complete a very simple signup process. In the event that the service is not available at your address, you will be routed to a page where you can register your interest in the products.

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