32334Acquainting Yourself With Gel Manicures

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One needs to get enough information before settling for gel manicures and pedicures and specifically the nail art gel. As compared to glitter nails polish, a gel nail polish is an advantage because it helps a great deal in putting back to shape the chipped nails. They correct the chipped nails and make them as strong as possible to prevent them from breaking. The gel nails are also economical since they reduce the trips one makes to the salon within a month. Since they save money, strengthen the nails as well as giving a remedy to chipped nails, gel nails are, therefore, a must try trend. One can purchase them in the online stores or within the neighborhood in stores.

Nail art gel is stuck just like the ordinary stickers except for the fact that they are treated using the UV lamp which uses the same harmful ultraviolet rays tapped from the sun. Nowadays, the use of UV light has been discouraged and replaced with LED lamp which is less dangerous to the user. Before applying the nail art gel, the nail has to be cleaned using the nail polish remover to get rid of previous nail polishes and lotions that might prevent the nail art gel from sticking well. The gel brush is used to spread the desired shade of gel polish onto the nail then cured with UV light or LED lamp. The designs chosen by an individual are then incorporated into gel polish in the process. The designs are ready-made sold in retail and wholesale and therefore; one does not need to worry about over spending time in the beauty spots. One might confuse the gel nails with the acrylic nails which are created by dipping powder into a solvent cured by combining a monomer and a polymer.

The process of removing a nail art gel might do more harm than good to the nail if it is not done with care. The nail bed might be spoilt in case it is scraped using excessive force. Apart from the nail bed, the cuticles are the other living parts that need to be taken care of. This does not mean that the nail art gel should be scrapped aggressively. Instead, the old arts should be carefully removed in a salon to reduce chipping. However, one can remove nail art gel at home soaking the nail in acetone and wrapping each nail in tinfoil then wrapping her nails in a towel to aid the removal process. The cuticle oil and a moisturizer are used to maintain the health of the nails by keeping the beds strong and hydrated.

You need to know that the curing process of nail art gel exposes you to the harmful UV rays that cause the growth of malignant cells. Just like glitter nails, you should always handle gel nails with maximum care. You should wear sunscreen before exposure to these rays. The goodness is that improvements have come up and the gel nails can now be cured using LED lights which cause less harm to one’s body.

It is advisable that one purchases her gel manicure and pedicure kit in wholesale outlets since they are cheaper than those sold in retail shops. Every woman would, therefore, love to look gorgeous at a pocket-friendly price. Further, she needs products that are durable as well as fashionable, and the nail art gel is that product!

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