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Is your most treasured event approaching and you are not sure regarding the kind of nail art to consider? Well, with nail wraps, there is no reason to stress yourself anymore. These are thin vinyl sheets, which are usually activated via pressure and heat to stick to the nails to give you that graceful look. The good thing about nail wraps is that they are made of durable materials that rarely streak or smudge. When correctly applied on the nails, they can last up to about two weeks. This duration is rather similar to that of the nail art gel when applied to the nails.

Applying your nail wraps correctly is a sure way of enjoying stability with these types of nail art. For an amateur, you need to consult a manicurist or any other available expert for guidance. You can’t afford to mess up things with nail wraps as they could make you look worse than before. However, as compared to the nail art gel, nail wraps are safer and wouldn’t affect the health of your nails especially during removal. Besides, you could remove them effortlessly from the comfort of your home hence saving you the money you would have spent on a manicurist.

The first step in applying nail wraps is through the application of a complete base coat to all your nails. This is intended to help smoother and strengthen your nails with a combination of vitamins and proteins. After a successful application of the base coat, allow your base coat enough time to dry completely.

The second step is the sizing up of the nails. Nail wraps come in different sizes to suit every user’s demand. However, you should keep in mind that nail wraps are usually smaller than they seem to look hence may confuse you making you choose the wrong size for your nails. To avoid this mistake, it is advisable to select sizes wider than your nails.

The third step is to line up your cuticle’s rounded edge after peeling off the nail wrap. This is done by pressing down and stretching the wrap towards the tip of the nail. The wrap is made smooth and free of any ridges or bubbles.

The fourth step involves the filing away of any excess materials from your wraps. However, when filing away, you should ensure that you move your file in a downward motion. This is important in keeping things smooth. Nails wraps can be easier to handle than the nail art gel in this case.

After correctly filing away, it is now time to finalize by sealing the deal. You will need a top coat in this step. Your top coat should be complete. Having selected the appropriate top coat, you can then apply it correctly for a spectacular look. With everything put in place and all the steps followed meticulously, you can now relish your elegant finished look!

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