Wise Buys: 5 of the UK’s Top Vans for 2019

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When you’re making a living doing delivery work, it’s important to have the right equipment – and no piece of equipment is more important than your vehicle. On top of this, for most couriers their van is by far their biggest single expense.

It’s crucial that you make an informed decision, then. Luckily, we’re here to help you out with this handy guide to five of the best new offerings for 2019.

New Ford Transit Custom

Key stats:

•Cost: from £21,000
•Max. payload: 1,450kg
•Length: 5.3m

A true classic in the world of delivery work, the Transit is finally getting a new Custom model this year. In line with broader trends to more comfortable, car-like interiors, the 2019 Custom boasts multiple plug sockets and USB ports as well as a nifty Sync 3 entertainment system.

Ford’s latest is also getting good early notices for its improvements in fuel consumption, with EcoBlue petrol engines and an acceleration control system maximising performance while keeping costs low.

Vauxhall Vivaro

Key stats:

•Cost: from £21,240
•Max. payload: 1,400kg
•Length: 4.9 or 5.3m

With similar stats to Ford’s new offering, the Vivaro can be thought of as a cousin to the Transit Custom. It’s a little more powerful – 178hp to the Transit’s 170 – and offers more variety for those doing different types of delivery work.

A smaller, more affordable model is available, while buyers can also choose from three body styles and various ‘trim levels’, including the elite, which comes complete with blind spot detection.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Key stats:

•Cost: from £24,350
•Max. payload: 1,500kg
•Length: up to 6.9m

Bigger, more powerful and with more bells and whistles than others on this list, the Sprinter is likely to become a fleet favourite for its ‘connected’ module, which allows managers to pull up GPS, telematics and more.

For drivers, meanwhile, Mercedes promises that their new model betters the outgoing one on important metrics like fuel efficiency and payload. It also offers a smoother ride, with air suspension softening bumps and an integrated MBUX touchscreen media system.

New Citroen Berlingo

Key stats:
•Cost: from £13,990
•Max. payload: around 854kg
•Length: up to 4.6m

At the other end of the spectrum, the latest from Citroen is best for small-load delivery work. It’s affordable and practical, with new additions mostly focusing on comfort (a seven-inch touchscreen entertainment system) and practicality (grip control for poor road conditions).

Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial

Key stats:

•Cost: from £28,509
•Max. payload: 580kg
•Length: 4.3m

It might seem a strange inclusion on a list like this, but this halfway house between a standard Toyota four-wheel drive cruiser and a cargo van offers unique benefits for certain types of delivery work. If you’re the kind of driver who often needs to cross tough terrain, climb steep hills and manage poor conditions, this might be the perfect van for you. And while it’s technically classed as a van, you might find that hard to believe once you’ve felt how it drives.

Of course, these are just five of the new vehicles on offer in 2019. With so many companies offering major improvements in areas like fuel efficiency and comfort, it’s a great time to look further into the market and think about buying your next van.

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