Wine and Dine in Fine Faro Style

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The beautiful town of Faro in the sunny Algarve is a destination that is bursting with cul-ture and history. It has Portuguese charm in spades, but it is also a lot more peaceful and relaxing than some of the other nearby towns. This makes it a wonderful spot for a relaxing holiday with more substance than simply a sun and sea getaway – although there is plenty of that too!

This town is often overlooked by holidaymakers, which makes it the Algarve’s best-kept secret – shh, let’s keep it this way! This means that you can spend your days strolling the lovely historic centre encircled by the stunning ancient city walls, watch the world go by in the peaceful plazas and sample the tantalising local cuisine. Speaking of cuisine, Faro is a great destination for foodies who enjoy the finer things in life with numerous restaurants offering authentic, high-quality cuisine.

Here are a few of the best local eateries in town:

Faz Gostos

This luxurious Michelin-starred restaurant occupies a cosy location hidden away down a small cobbled alley in the Old Town, so it is a great spot for a romantic meal after strolling the streets. Its location and elegant decor help to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, but it is the incredible food that has helped Faz Gostos to become perhaps the best establishment in town, favoured by both tourists and locals alike.

Faz Gostos’ menu has a heavy focus on game and select cuts of meat with traditional ingredients for an authentic Portuguese culinary experience. There is also a range of international dishes available along with mouthwatering desserts, such as the traditional Algarve Morgado (almond cake). They also have the best wine menu in town!

2 Irmãos

As the oldest joint in Faro dating back to 1925, 2 Irmãos (Two Brothers) started out as a tavern for merchants before becoming one of the most popular bars in the Algarve during the 60s for their legendary snacks. Fast forward to today, 2 Irmãos is a charming res-taurant with an open and airy feel to it which suits the fish and seafood-focused menu (although other food is available too).

The delicious dishes are prepared with passion and expertise using modern techniques combined with traditional recipes. A few of the more popular dishes here include steamed clams and mackerel alimados, whilst the extensive wine menu allows you to select the perfect bottle to complement your meal.

Ristorante Rio Formosa

Located on Hotel Faro’s rooftop terrace, Ristorante Rio Formosa offers spectacular views over the city and the islets of the gorgeous lagoon that separates the city from the sea (also its namesake). Unsurprisingly, these incredible views make it a popular spot, particularly during the warmer months of the year when you can soak up the sun whilst indulging in fine food and drink.

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at Ristorante Rio Formosa, but perhaps the best option is to arrive early for dinner and enjoying a cocktail whilst admiring the sunset. The restaurant offers a mixture of contemporary dishes and traditional fare with carefully selected ingredients so that the food matches the elegance of your surroundings.

How to Get There

The great thing about Faro is that it has its own airport, so your journey is very straightforward. Flights from the UK take under 3 hours and there are plenty of carriers regularly making the flight into Faro airport. Transfers from here to the town centre can take just 15 minutes and will be the quickest and easiest way to reach your final destina-tion. Remember to pre-book Faro airports transfers to your hotel with a reputable provid-er so that the driver will be waiting for you and get your trip off to a smooth start.

This is a charming holiday destination for those seeking culture and good food along with sun, sea and sand, plus it is also incredibly easy to reach thanks to the proximity to the airport.

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