31202Adrenaline in the Algarve: Chase the Thrills in Faro

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We’ve all been there. It’s the fourth day in a row where the sun hasn’t shone and the rain hasn’t stopped. You’re feeling caged and need a break, fast. In times like these the fabulous city of Faro is exactly what you need. The ancient Moorish city is a jewel on the south coast of Portugal – and if that isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, it’s also surrounded by a region abundant with adventure. This region, the Algarve, is a heaven for all thrill-seekers out there. Whether it’s rock-climbing some of the most stunning cliffs in Europe or skydiving over the spectacular Lagos, Faro is the perfect base for a blues-busting escape.


The windy Sagres is the perfect place to try your first blo-karting experience. What is this funny-sounding activity, I hear you ask? Well, put simply, blo-karting is the green variety of her better known sister activity, go-karting. Instead of a petrol-fuelled engine, get ready to master the simple tools of Mother Nature. The karts are equipped with huge sails, effectively turning you into land-based sailor. Of course, there’s competition too – you race the karts around a huge track, so there’s plenty of time for putting your mates to the test.

Rock Climbing

Whether you’re a climbing monkey or a nervous novice, rock climbing in the Algarve has something special in store for everyone. Climbing activities are run by local experts, who know the region’s best climbs like the back of their hand. If you’re looking for some shade after soaking up the dazzling Portuguese sun, then check out the tree top course in Fóia Adventure Park.


This is the big one! It’s the first photo that you show your Nan when you come home. Your mates think that you’ve photo-shopped it, but you know you were there, and it was awesome. At over £170, this activity certainly isn’t a cheap option, but it is the most unforgettable. Whilst falling 15,000ft, the stunning views of Lagos will be unmissable.


If blo-karting gave you a thirst for wind-powered speed, prepare to take it higher with paratriking. The trike itself is a small vehicle with a huge sail and propeller. From a grounded position, take off with a trained co-pilot to explore two fascinating locations on the Algarve, Albufeira and Ferragudo.

Downhill Biking

For something a little closer to earth, hiring mountain bikes for you and your mates during your stay is a great idea. The independence of riding from beach to beach along the beautiful Algarve is not to be missed. I would advise taking some food and drink for a picnic on a beautiful coastal alcove or in the picturesque countryside.

Mochique Challenge

This is the Algarve’s very own version of a Triathlon, albeit without the Lycra. Start the day by climbing to the peak of the challenge’s namesake before putting the pedal to the meddle on a 25km cycle ride. Finally, after a bite for lunch, settle in to your kayak for a leisurely 8km round trip to the other side of the lake and back.

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