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The most full-of-life resort on Portugal’s Algarve coastline is Praia da Rocha. It’s a comfortable little town that strikes the perfect balance between exciting entertainment and peaceful comfort. Excellent beaches and fun, organised activities occupy your days, while restaurants serving delicious food and a variety of nightlife opportunities ensure that your evenings are also full of enjoyment. Although you shouldn’t expect much in terms of historic sights in Praia da Rocha, the town is ideally situated for a variety of day trips, which will appeal greatly to culture lovers. Overall, Praia da Rocha is every family’s dream holiday destination – here are some of the attractions that parents and children have to look forward to.

The Beach

Praia da Rocha Beach is the largest beach and the closest one to town. The stunning views of cliffs and sea, as well as the wide variety of entertainment it provides, explain why a lot of tourists choose not to explore other beaches. The beach’s wide strip of sand accommodates great numbers of sun-bathers while still allowing them to spread out far enough to enjoy comfort and privacy. The water continues to be reasonably shallow for some distance off the coast, making it ideal for families with young children. And should energetic activities cause you or your little ones to run out of fuel, a couple of family-friendly bars are thoughtfully situated close by to appease your hunger with delicious beach snacks.

Slide & Splash Water Park

But perhaps you would care for a little more excitement on your holiday. The Slide and Splash water park offers entertainment for young ones and adults alike. A variety of slides ranging from mild to truly hair-raising in extremity will have you screaming with excitement and pleasure. If you aren’t the adrenaline type, you can always watch over your kids’ adventures from the peaceful bliss of the Jacuzzi. Throughout the day, the park also offers scheduled shows with animals. Watch lethal birds of prey soar in the sky or parrots perform complex aerobatics. You will also have the chance to learn about the various types of reptiles in the world and even meet some of them.

Santa Bernarda Pirate Ship

You are welcomed on board with a couple of pirate jokes from Captain Bernardo and then the ship sets sail towards an adventurous destination along the coastline. Sometimes the captain will drop anchor for passengers to explore a nearby cliff cave in boats. Other times you’ll get dropped off at a beach that can only be reached by sea, enabling you to venture off the beaten track and enjoy a pleasant family picnic or barbeque.

How to Get There

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