Why You Should Look for a Green Energy Tariff When Comparing Gas and Electricity Providers

By now, most households are aware of the fact that they can save money on their home energy costs by switching their gas and electricity suppliers. Consumer group Which? estimates that the average household could save up to £300 on their annual bills, and switching providers is a fast and easy process thanks to the large number of price comparison websites willing to handle all the details for you. There are even apps available for smartphones that can compare energy providers in your area, and you can then switch companies using your handheld device. When searching for a new energy provider, most customers will simply search for the cheapest provider and immediately signup to their service. Next time you compare gas and electricity providers, why not look for one that offers a green energy tariff and do your bit to help the environment through your energy supplier?

Green energy tariffs are now offered by most of the big energy suppliers, but what constitutes a green tariff can vary widely between suppliers. Some tariffs offered by specialist green energy companies such as Good Energy and Green Energy UK provide energy that has come from renewable sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and biofuels. Other green tariffs promise to offset their carbon emissions, whilst others contribute towards environmental schemes and other organisations that help to protect the planet. This type of tariff can occasionally work out slightly more expensive than the cheapest tariff available on the market, but the long-term benefits to the planet are definitely worth the extra cost. The government has announced new laws that will require all the major energy companies to source at least 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2015, and this decision has been met with approval from environmental groups. Details of what green tariffs are available can be found on the websites of the power companies, or you can perform a search for green energy tariffs on a price comparison website.

OFGEM are the regulatory body for the energy market in the UK and they have devised an accreditation scheme that helps consumers know which green tariff is really effective in helping the environment. The Green Energy Supply Certification Scheme was launched in 2010 and is responsible for verifying that the green tariffs offered by power companies actually have a measurable effect on the environment. The scheme awards a ‘Green Label to the energy tariffs that help to protect the environment through their use of renewable energy or contribution to environmental projects. OFGEM is an independent organisation that is not affiliated with any power company or the UK government, so they are completely unbiased in their decision. However, it is important to bear in mind when comparing gas and electricity providers that many of the smaller companies have not paid OFGEM to assess their tariffs, so a few will not carry the green label even though they do work towards protecting the environment.

We all wish we could do a little bit more to help the environment, but as most of us lead busy lifestyles it can be difficult to find the time to help out. Green energy tariffs provide the perfect solution as they give you the opportunity to make a small difference to the planet, and they also help support the growing renewable energy market. As well as green tariffs, all the major power companies offer help and advice on lowering your energy usage and reducing your carbon footprint. A few even supply energy saving light bulbs and home insulation free of charge, so it is important to get in touch with your supplier to see what help may be available to you. You can also go the extra mile by taking showers instead of baths, switching off lights and appliances, and putting on an extra jumper on cold evenings instead of turning up the thermostat. Renewable energy has come a long way over the past decade, and it has now begun challenging the large power companies for share of the market. As more and more customers switch over to green tariffs, the cost of renewable energy will eventually begin to fall, and it will hopefully one day become the most attractive option for all of our energy needs.

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