The Benefits of Electric and Gas Smart Meters

Smart electric and gas meters are used in countries around the globe to give consumers control over their energy usage and costs. This technology also provides support for energy suppliers, providing more detailed data on customer usage and equipment issues.

A smart meter system allows you to see how much energy you use on a regular basis. Used in place of traditional meters, smart meters work with energy monitors that that can be placed anywhere in your home. These monitors show you how much energy you’re using at any point in time, along with how much it’s costing you.

For example, if you keep your heat set at a certain temperature at all times, a smart monitor will tell you how much gas you’re using and how much money it’s costing you at any time during the day or night. This practical way of measuring energy gives you a hands-on way of dealing with your energy costs. You can see for yourself how small changes make a big difference in your energy bills.

An entire smart metering system consists of an electricity smart meter, a gas smart meter, a hub, and a display unit that you keep inside your home to monitor your energy usage. These smart meters measure and display your total gas and electricity use along with your actual, “real time” use.

Meter readings are accomplished using wireless technology. The smart meter unit sends messages to the gas company with your meter’s information. There’s no need to submit a meter reading or have an employee come out to read your meter. You also don’t have to worry about receiving an estimated bill that may be more than you owe.

The Purpose of Using a Smart Meter

Using a smart meter is a simple way to keep up with your energy usage. With traditional meters, it’s difficult to understand how much gas or electricity you’re using. All you see are a bunch of numbers or dials, and it’s impossible to know which appliances are costing you more to use.

Smart meters help you to pinpoint energy-sapping habits. You get a hands-on perspective on how much energy you’re using at any given time. You may use more gas or electricity than necessary with certain appliances without realizing the impact it’s having on your bill. The smart meter brings this to your attention so that you can make important money-saving adjustments to your daily routine.

A smart meter energy monitor displays how much money you’re spending each minute. As you cook, dry your clothes, or use your water heater, the smart monitor tells you exactly how much you’re spending by running these appliances. This helps you to make more efficient choices throughout your day.

Receiving a shockingly high energy bill is never fun. With a smart monitor, you’ll already know how much you’ll be expected to pay.

Since your readings are sent directly to the gas company, there’s no need to worry about inaccuracy due to missed readings or errors. You also don’t need to concern yourself with submitting the readings yourself.

You can have your smart meter adjusted to record readings every 30 minutes. A report is sent to the gas and electric companies only once per day, but it allows you to take full advantage of the smart meter’s energy-saving features.

How Smart Meters Help Customers

When you use a smart meter, there’s no need to decode what the different terminologies and abbreviations mean. You don’t need to calculate the wattage or energy usage of a certain appliance and how much it costs each hour to use it.

The smart monitor clearly displays exactly what you want to know about the cost of using each of your appliances. It makes life easier: there’s no need to study your bill or record meter readings to figure out your energy budget or to estimate how much your bill will cost each month.

Sometimes people underestimate how much it costs to run an appliance and overestimate how much others might cost. This leads to inefficient budgeting of energy usage in your home. The smart meter monitoring system takes care of this problem simply and effectively.

How Smart Meters Help to Save the Planet

Monitoring your energy usage offers you a more hands-on approach to saving energy. Sustainable living is challenging these days, and the old way of measuring gas and electricity usage isn’t helpful.

The accurate readings provided by a smart meter gives you the power to be an active participant in creating a healthier planet. Smart meters allow you to work together with your gas and electricity suppliers to improve the efficiency of clean energy production.

Smart Meters Receive Positive Customer Feedback in Britain

A trial run of over 900,000 smart meters in Britain, installed in both homes and businesses, was successful in demonstrating the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

According to British Gas, over 700 smart meter customers were interviewed to see how they felt about the switch. Of those interviewed, 80 percent said that the smart monitors caused them to think more about how much energy they used. Over 70 percent of the customers interviewed found the smart meter monitor’s special features to be helpful.

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