Why many cultures still identify with Seed beads even in a modernized world

Interestingly Seed beads are the most common beads around the world. They are the beads that most people have come to identify with. They are tiny, colorful and can be made into very cute and long lasting pieces for both the male and female clients. They can be found literally in every part of the world and are normally used for various items namely:-

– On clothing accessories
– Earrings and other forms of accessories
– Necklaces

These kinds of beads have been here for as long as most of the surviving generation can remember. History tells us that the first pieces were made in or about 1490 in Europe or thereabouts.

A lot of research has been done regarding the Seed beads originality but whatever the answer, it has come out that they have been some of the longest surviving products in the market. One of their most noted features are:-

– They are hollow making them easier to string
– They are either made of glass or bones
– They are quite colorful and shinny making them easier to string
– They are quite durable

The above is some of the features that these beads are noted for. The beads might look small but take a longer time to produce. The process it has been found to take close to 6 days despite their size. A lot of heating and coloring process is normally required in order to come with durable, nice and attractive Seed beads. Because of technology the bead process has been noted by the manufacturers to reduce gradually easing the long process that it took manually to produce these products of beauty. Many cultures around the world use these to make gifts for special occasions.

Some of the people who use these products during special occasions include:-
Masaai the Masaai of East Africa are noted for the use of these particular beads. They string them and make items of cultural value namely during engagement, weddings and the birth of a child. The Masaai tribe is easily identified by the Seed beads ornaments they normally wear about their necks, writs or legs. These beads play a great importance to their culture and identification.

The Japanese are also identified with these forms of seeds. They wear accessories made from these products depending on special occasions. The Japanese have somehow been some of the longest manufacturers or makers of the seeds even before other parts of the world took queue. Japanese and technology goes along way.

The Masaa tribe is just amongst some of the people around the world that can be identified

Seed beads are the most common beads around the world.  They are the beads that most people have come to identify with. 

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