Seed Beads: What to Know Before You Buy?

When I do bead work, I consider working with seed beads as the best part of it. They offer almost endless options for jewelry making, decorating apparel and home accessories. These minuscule beads come in lots of sizes, shapes and colors, so it’s so easy to become overwhelmed, when you need to choose the beads for your next project. What’s more, they are easily available at your local craft stores and at online shops such as the pandahall.

For people who are starting their bead work projects, it can be difficult to choose and buy seed beads. These people should have an understanding of the seed bead basics, so they will know what they should look for when they make a trip to the local bead shop, or make a visit to pandahall or any other beading website.

There is a wide range of sizes for your basic seed beads and they range from the very tiny to the very large. Your design should emphasize what size to use for a specific project and you should also know the appropriate thread for such design, so that your beads and needles will not break when you make the stitches. You might be able to get some information about these sizes of beads from pandahall.

At pandahall, you might also be offered different kinds of basic seed beads, such as the Czech seed beads, which are really great for beginners not only because they are affordable, but they are also available in a wide range of colors, sizes and finishes. You can find them easily at many shops in the locality and at other online sites. The Japanese seed beads is another great thing for beginners; their holes are slightly larger than the Czech beads, but also come in an incredible range of colors, sizes and finishes.

There is another type, the Japanese cylinder beads, which you should not confuse with the Japanese seed beads. Check with, if they have this type available. These beads are uniform in size and shape and when used in brick or peyote stitch, the “click” together, resulting in a very smooth, tailored beaded fabric.

Seed beads from pandahall are available in not just the round shape; there are tubular, drops, daggers, hex-cut and bugle shaped beads. These shapes can be located not only at the above mentioned bead shop, but also elsewhere on the internet or the local craft shops. They are great to use in most craft projects because of their ability to add texture, color and sparkle to the beading stitches. The colors and finishes may range from basic opaque to matte metallic and transparent finishes. To be able to choose the best color for your design, you should know what surface treatment was applied to the seed beads.

These beads are purchased in grams; either strung in bunches or loose in containers. When your beading project gets more serious, you need to look into buying seed beads in bulk at wholesale prices. You can save time and money and get lots of other benefits.

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