Why It Is Important to Compare Gas and Electricity Providers After Moving Into a New Home

Moving home can be a stressful time and there are many tasks that have to be completed once you are settled into your new property. One of your top priorities will be to determine which power companies are responsible for supplying gas and electricity to your home, and checking to see whether or not they can offer you the cheapest deal for your energy usage. Once you move into a new home you are automatically placed on a ‘deemed contract with your energy supplier, and it is important to arrange to switch to a cheaper tariff as soon as possible. Deemed contracts usually charge the highest rates for gas and electricity, and it is up to the customer to arrange all necessary meter readings and to take control of the new bills. By comparing gas and electricity suppliers for your new home, you could potentially save large amounts on your energy bills, and switching suppliers may be the best way to secure the cheapest deal for your new property.

Before leaving your old property, you must inform your energy supplier that you will be moving at least 48 hours in advance. They will then ask you to take meter readings in the property in order to prepare your final bill, and may ask for your new address so they can send you a copy. It may be a good idea to let the next owners know who supplies energy to the property. This can be done through an estate agent or a landlord in the case of rental properties. Once you have moved into your new home you must immediately determine who supplies your gas and electricity. You can find out who is responsible for your gas supply by calling the meter helpline, and the telephone number is usually located somewhere on the front of the gas meter. To find out who supplies your electricity, call your local electricity distribution company and ask for their meter point administration service. Once you have established who provides your energy, take meter readings on the first day you move in so you do not end up paying for debt caused by the previous owners.

As soon as you have taken control of your gas and electricity supply, it is time to begin searching for the cheapest energy deal in your area. Many households will simply stick with the propertys current energy provider, but this could end up costing you more in the long run. Start by comparing gas and electricity suppliers using a price comparison website, as this is the quickest and easiest method of comparing many suppliers at once. Be sure to use more than one comparison site to do your research, and be aware of any suppliers in your area that may not appear in the search results. If you find a better deal with a different power company, you do not need to inform the current supplier as the new company will take care of all the necessary paperwork. It will take around 6 weeks to switch over to the new supplier, and you can then begin saving money on your home energy costs. You will not need to worry about installing a new meter or any cables into your home as the new supplier will simply use the existing meter.

If you are renting your home you must get the permission of the landlord before switching power companies. Whilst landlords are not legally allowed to forbid you from switching your energy supplier, you are required to keep them informed of any changes. If your new property has a prepayment meter, it may be a good idea to switch to a standard meter and pay for your energy usage by direct debit. Prepayment meters are almost always more expensive, and the best deals are only available to those who are willing to pay monthly by direct debit. There may be a fee to install your new meter, but you will quickly gain the money back by saving money on your energy bill after a short period of time. Many homeowners are overpaying for their gas and electricity simply because they have not taken the time to research the different power companies in their area. Moving into a new property provides the perfect opportunity to secure the cheapest energy deal for your circumstances, and switching energy supplier is a fast and simple process.

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