Why Inside Plant Service Facilitates Globalization

Why Inside Plant Service Facilitates Globalization

The comfort of specialization means that, just as we can now find pet sitters for pets which we would like to take on holiday with us but for practical reasons cant, we can now decorate our homes – in the plural – with our desired choice of plants, knowing that there are services that can be engaged exclusively for inside plant service.

How to overcome potential security risks

When it comes to inside plant service, it is one thing to have a friendly neighbor who can be counted on to look after plants for a week and another if the duration is longer. What is supposed to happen though, when a job or our vacations take us out of town for up to three weeks, do we continue to create dependencies? The nature of the exposure changes. No matter how good the instructions left and followed, is life about creating dependencies or is it about managing our responsibilities?

The dilemma for most is the tackling the question of who, ultimately, can be trusted to enter our living space – even more than our working space – to take on this job?

I was facing this dilemma and carried out some research on the matter. I made an on the spot decision that trust would have to be paramount and references were going to be crucial in the selection of my inside plant service specialist. I also decided that I needed to know precisely who the selected company was going to send to my house to service my plants in my absence. The criteria lingered for a while over the apparent guarantee of a family business against that of specialist technicians within the company. Ultimately, it was important to me that one inside plant service specialist would be selected and that it would be the same person attending to my house plants for the duration of my engagement with that company. In fact, dedicated service of this type became the main focus and only difficult condition to the inside plant service contract.

Using an inside plant service for private rental properties

The global citizen is used to travelling between households and countries. Many times there is a city home and a country home even within each context. I have often thought that there should be a specialized global concierge service for such global citizens, and that the dedicated touch could extend to catering for the combined service. Afterall, if overseas transport services can be contracted via the local international transporter, why not international inside plant services? Perhaps that is wishful thinking, but it is only in expressing wishes with sufficient regularity that another person might pick up on one or two of them, see how it could work, and make them happen.

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