Wholesale Beads for Crafts and Jewelry Making

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Wholesale beads are loved by many people from kids to adults you will find they appeal to various individuals. This is why they are such ideal materials for use in crafts. You can make so many things using beads. You can use them with kids during craft sessions or you can use them yourself in DIY projects either at home or at work. With a little creativity, you are sure to come up with interesting items. Here are some you can try to make with ease.

Making bead coaster using wholesale beads

You don’t have to buy your drink coasters from the shops you can make your own using your favorite colors and beads of your choice. Making coasters is easy and will take a very short time once you get the hang of it. Wood beads are good beads to use in such projects because they can absorb the heat of any hot item. You can string the beads together and shape them into a round coaster. You can also get glass bead and melt them into the shape of your desired coaster. The options are endless.

Making key holders using beads

Wholesale beads can also be used to make key holders for you or for a loved one. You can sew them onto leather to make durable key holders. Any type of bead will do, but small sizes are preferred so you can sew or glue them on easily and they are not bulky on the key holder. You can also string a few huge beads together and string them on a key chain and voila you have a key holder.

Beaded bookmarks

If you are an avid reader or you love journaling the old fashioned way then making a bookmark and pen topper using wholesale beads is a good idea. You can use any type of beads combined with a ribbon to come up with a colorful bookmark. You can give such bookmarks to friends and family together with a book for a simple but memorable gift.

Make a beaded picture frame

This is such a special thing to make because you can compound the uniqueness of the frame by framing a special photograph in it. Beads can be used to decorate the frame of a picture that gives you good memories that you would like to be reminded of. You only need a regular wood frame and you can glue on any beads of your choice all around it in a pattern or mix of colors that you like. You can also mingle the beads with things like shells to make something unique. These are just a few beaded crafts you can make using wholesale beads.

The author enjoys writing about different kinds of beads and how to use them in jewelry making. She owns a home jewelry making business where she makes unique jewelry items using wholesale beads from  to make different types of jewelry. Through such articles, she shares her experience in the trade so as to encourage beginners.

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