Use of Wooden Beads in Jewelry Designs

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When you see a tree, one of the things that come in your mind is wood. Wood boasts of having incredibly many uses and applications and one of them is making some stunning jewelry pieces by using wooden beads. For a long time now, wood has been used for creation of some beautiful jewelry and you can be sure that these are the kind of jewelries that you should consider owning. Thanks to the recent technological advancement, beads sourced from trees or wood for that matter are among the most beautiful woods you can find on the market today.

Creation of wooden beads

Unlike in the old days, wooden beads are nowadays being made using the best technology and a lot of techniques and methods are now available for creating these beads. Identifying these natural beads is incredibly easy but manufacturers have gone a step a head to treat these beads and enhance their looks. These makes the beads stand out uniquely and the resulting jewelry boasts of having a fashionable and stylish appearance.

There are many tree species that are used for creating wooden beads. Nevertheless, some trees are more popular than others such as bayong, sandalwood, apple, ironwood, bamboo, olive, rose and others. Such trees are preferred by many thanks to their incredibly beautiful grain and the fragrance nature of their wood. Over the years, olive trees have been the source of some of the best beads of this nature and their demand on the market has seriously skyrocketed. The main reason why this is the case is due to the fact that these beads have a unique natural red wavy and beautiful grain and as the wood continues to age, the grain continues to darken. The end result of this is production of an elegant pattern which everyone will certainly love.

What makes wooden beads so attractive?

Besides the diversity of color that comes with wooden beads, carving and shaping these beads is incredibly easy. In addition, jewelry designers can also easily polish and pain the beads in their efforts of creating some stunning beads. Besides this, the extremely lightweight nature of these beads is something that you will truly love. Some of the trees such as Sandalwood tree tend to produce an awesome fragrance and the sweet smell will make you want to buy jewelry pieces designed with these beads. And the good thing is that you can use these beads for creating any kind of jewelry you want ranging from bracelets to anklets, necklaces, earrings and pendants among others.

Dying wooden beads is also very easy and it is something that you will truly love to engage in. This way, you will be able to give the beads your desired color.

You can enhance wooden beads in many different ways and this helps you create jewelry pieces that meet your tastes and preferences. To get beads made from different types of woods, visit and you will be amazed by the many collections available here.

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