What to Look for in Business Mobiles

When you look for business mobiles you have to consider different things to when you look for a personal phone. It is important that you know what these things are and how they can affect the phones that you look at. You should also consider the network that you are going to be using and the business mobiles they have on offer. Many providers offer different phones with their business packages and you have to consider this.

What to Look for in Business Mobiles
The first step in looking at business mobiles is determining what makes a good business mobile. The aspects that make a good business mobile are very different to what makes a good personal mobile. Your business mobile should be more focussed on the communication aspect of the phone. They should also offer you better solutions for email and office applications. It is important that you consider what you need in all of these aspects.

The Advanced Messaging Features
When you look at the advanced messaging feature on a phone you should focus on the email functions. The email function that you need to have is the push email. Push email functions will alert the user to new emails as soon as they appear on the email server. This allows you to respond to important business emails quickly which is much more professional than waiting to answer them.

Another email function that you have to consider is the email attachment viewers. There are a lot of personal use phones that do not offer very good attachment viewing. You have to ensure that your phone either has viewers and editors pre-installed or that you can install them onto the phone. Most business phones will have this pre-installed. If these functions are not pre-installed you may have to get them from app stores.

The most important viewers that you need on your phone are MS Office applications. These will include Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you are able to get a PDF reader on your phone it will also help you.

The Keyboard You Have
All smart phones come with default keyboards and you have to consider how easy they are to use. The best keyboard to have is a QWERTY keyboard because it offers the same key placement as the computer keyboard. You should also consider the autocorrect that comes with these phones as this can be helpful when you are composing long messages.

When you look at the autocorrect you have to consider whether or not it will provide you with the words that you need. You also have to consider how it operates. Will the function automatically replace the word or will it or present you with the options that you can use.

Personal Organisation Features
When you use a business mobile you need to have a device that can help you keep track of everything. The personal organisation functions of the device are very important. You have to consider whether or not you are able to synchronise your calendars and planners across a number of devices and platforms. There is no point in having all your information on the computer if you cannot get alerts through your mobile.

You also have to consider the way that you will be getting notification on the device. It is also important that you consider the amount of information that the device can hold and that you can enter. There are some mobile devices that do not have much space and this limit the benefits you get from the personal organisation functions.

Does the Phone Have Handwriting Recognition?
When you look at your business phone you should consider whether or not you need handwriting recognition software. This allows you to handwrite information onto the screen of your phone and have it register on the device. There are a number of phones that allow you to do this. Of course, the success of the software does vary from very good to very bad.

You should also consider the quick note and memo functions that your phone has. These are important for business as you may have to jot something down quickly and where better to place this than in your phone. This removes the need to have pen and paper with you at all times and you have a lower risk of ever losing the information that you take down.

The Business Tools and Apps
All smart phones allow you to install apps and tools on them. You have to consider how many apps you phone can take and the use they have for business. If you need to have a financial news app is it compatible with your phone. There are certain phones that are not compatible with certain applications because of their operating system.

GPS Tracking Software
To make life easier it is better to have one device that is able to complete a number of different tasks. To get you from one point to another you should consider whether or not your phone has GPS mapping. Most of the new phones will have this, but there are some that do not. By having a GPS in your phone you eliminate the need to have a separate GPS for when you travel for work.

Being Able to Remotely Wipe Your Phone
One feature that you have to look for in a business mobile that you do not have to look for with a personal mobile is remote wiping. If you ever lose your business mobile you should be able to remove all the classified information that is on the device. This is something that select devices can offer and you have to know which ones they are.

Getting Your Business Mobile
Once you have determined which mobile phone is best for you business needs you have to consider how you can get them. Many mobile providers offer different rates for business customers and you should consider these business plans. Of course, there are some providers that offer you very good deals if you take more than one phone with the business package and you have to be aware of this.

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