What Kind Of Dogs Birthday Cakes Should You Have?

A growing trend among pet owners today reinforces the idea that they consider their pets to be truly a big part of their families. Caterers and other similar companies are receiving more orders than ever before for dogs birthday cakes, among other specially ordered treats. Would you think about getting a cake for your pooch to celebrate his or her special day? If so, here are some simple ways to get your favorite pal a tasty treat to share with their family and friends.

Making Your Own

Creative owners will often make their own dogs birthday cakes, using the basic recipe that most dogs crave, peanut butter cakes. All of the ingredients are perfectly safe for most dogs to eat, but if you have any questions, be sure to check with your vet before serving any treats to your pets. The basic recipe calls for eggs, honey, vanilla, carrots, vegetable oil, baking soda, flour, and peanut butter. Use the same standard quantities that you would for a cake meant for human consumption, mix it all together, and bake at 360 degrees for a half an hour. Let cool, and frost with a light coating of peanut butter.

Store Bought Cakes

A surprising number of pet owners will opt to purchase a store bought cake for their doggie birthday parties, rather than make their own. This is fairly easy to do, as most commercial cakes that are acceptable for humans are also okay to serve to dogs. Just be sure to confirm exactly what ingredients were used to create a particular cake, and avoid anything with chocolate, grape extract or raisins in the list. Your vet will be able to tell you what other ingredients your pet can tolerate, and if you can find an organic, gluten-free cake, so much the better.

Internet Purchases

There are also companies that can be found on the Internet that are dedicated to selling gourmet and healthy treats for our furry friends. Birthday cakes, and other tasty treats are available for any occasion, and be sure to order them in plenty of time before the event. All cakes can be frozen, and thawed on the big day. An alternative to dogs birthday cakes are flavored dog biscuits, jerky treats, doggie candies and ice cream treats, also available from most pet and grocery stores. Just be sure to scrutinize the ingredient lists for potential hazards, and let the party begin!

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